Bill Mattran

In direct mail, most soft offers are the equivalent of a two-step sampling program. Getting prospects to try the product or service is the initial goal of the direct mail offer. But what if you have a product that lends itself to sampling through the mail? Could you send a representative sample, and how? On a basic level, just about everything can be sent through the mail, other than items like hazardous materials, animals and live ammo, for example. It gets more complicated when you consider factors like insertion, turnaround, storage and, of course, cost. The following information on how items get inserted into

By Bill Mattran You've developed a solid, compelling offer that's certain to drive response. You've scrubbed the list, and you know it's the right demographic, psychographic and lifestyle profile. Creative has delivered a magnificent design that no one could resist reading, and, believe it or not, legal has blessed all of the copy and content. The printer and lettershop are queued up, just waiting to receive your files. At last, you're ready to launch your program! What if your schedule is critical? For example, say this print campaign ties directly to broadcast events. There is zero margin for error. What could

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