Bill LaPierre

Have you noticed this too? Since Nov. 1, I have seen 42 articles in the various publications, newsletters and blogs to which I subscribe on how to use social media to grow my business. I have not seen a single article on traditional cataloging. I know that for many of you who are catalog practitioners, this over-saturation of the media with stories on the potential success of social media, and its close cousin, mobile marketing, causes problems. Your boss, or someone in upper management, or a board member, sends you an email asking why you are not doing

By Gabrielle Mosquera With research revealing that almost 80 percent of American households participate in one or more types of lawn and garden activity, and that each one spends $466 annually, it seems the amateur gardeners' market is one that's—ahem—ripe for the mailing. But much like weeds, a few challenges persistently crop up when hunting for, and mailing to, names in this market. Chief among these is the market's breadth—the term "gardener" can apply as easily to someone with potted plants on an apartment balcony as it can to someone with a large vegetable garden. "Any time you've got eight out of

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