Barrack Obama

The White House is expected to release a report on the implications of “big data” any day now. Just after the New Year, in the wake of revelations about NSA surveillance, President Obama announced that the White House would undertake a 90-day “comprehensive review of big data and privacy,” led by long-time advisor John Podesta. Though the review was borne out of concerns with government surveillance, the review has included a close look at commercial data use as well. And while the report is not yet public, the AP kicked off speculation

Voters who click on President Barack Obama's campaign website are likely to start seeing display ads promoting his re-election bid on their Facebook pages and other sites they visit. Voters searching Google for information about Mitt Romney may notice a 15-second ad promoting the Republican presidential hopeful the next time they watch a video online. The 2012 election could be decided by which campaign is best at exploiting voters' Internet data. ... strategists say the most important breakthrough this year is the campaigns' use of online data to raise money, share information and persuade supporters to vote.

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