Anna Wintour

The broad targeting of soccer moms and NASCAR dads was all in the past. Now it was about using “proclivity models” and other analytical tools to mobilize and persuade and make voter contact more efficient. Whether a voter was an 85 on the support scale or a six on the persuasion scale was more important than if she was a young African-American woman in Pittsburgh or he was an old Jewish man in Cleveland or vice versa. Some tech staffers had dismissed email as old-fashioned and uncool, without understanding how indispensable it would be in saving the campaign.

It seems there is a mailing format for every stage of a consumer magazine's evolution. Magazine launch packages need to establish the brand and build up circulation. That's why publishers tend to begin with magalogs or other hefty formats, packed with editorial, images, editor's notes and promises of content to come. 

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