Anna Talerico

Click above/below to view this webinar, originally offered as a session at the 2013 Direct Marketing Day Virtual Conference & Expo.

The visitor to your landing page should be the single most important focal point for your landing page strategy. The key to producing high conversion rates is creating a meaningful landing experience for your visitors through tracking the right metrics, using visitor segmentation and designing for human interaction.

While you must get on top of the visitor data, at the heart of understanding your landing page visitors is figuring out how they arrived at your landing page:

  • What was the context of the click?
  • What message did they click on?
  • What was the inherent promise in the message?
  • What was the likely visitor motivation?
Anna Talerico - cofounder of ion interactive, a post-click marketing software company, and coauthor of the book "Honest Seduction: Using Post-Click Marketing to Turn Landing Pages Into Game Changers" -  will walk you through these four key questions and more in order to prepare you for truly optimizing that landing page.

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