Amy Africa

We hear how email is becoming obsolete and social networking is morphing into the medium of choice for online communication. But in the B-to-B community, it hasn't happened yet.

Last week's webinar, "The New Face of Email: Integrating Social, Triggers, Rich Media and Personalization into B-to-B Mailings and More," raised many questions for the marketers who attended. In fact, 58 questions were asked during the live event to presenters Amy Africa, president and CEO of Eight by Eight, and Debra Ellis, president of Wilson & Ellis Consulting. So the panelists took a second look at those we didn't have time to field during the live event. Here are their answers to three of the best, plus a recap of the response the webinar got on Twitter.

These days, everyone and their brother has a thrust e-mail program. But surprisingly, very few folks have triggers. Trigger e-mails, also known as “good dog” e-mails, are sent to individuals based on actions. The action could be good (thanking them for orders), bad (when they abandoned their carts, for example) or indifferent (confirming votes in a poll). But it’s always a happening, event or instance. Triggers are successful because they have higher response rates, better deliverability and improved lifetime profit.

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