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Earvin "Magic" Johnson's magnetic personality is something he begins cultivating when he wakes up at 4 a.m. each day. Speaking to direct marketers Monday at DMA2014 in San Diego, Johnson says he studies before every meeting in order to understand his audience and he's always "on time." Those are just a couple of the habits the former LA Lakers basketball player credits with helping him succeed in business. Johnson, however, underplays just how much work he puts into those efforts.

Melissa: Thanks for taking the time to participate in our eChat on video marketing. How do you use video marketing at your companies? Can you offer some examples?

"Hey, this is Alex from Digital Alex. I'm writing some quick analytics tips for Search Marketing Gurus. This simple and actionable advice help you get the most out of your analysis. Chances are that your website has a search box. That box is a gold mine of data. It helps you learn what people are looking for and the actual words they use. With this information you can:

  • Find new words for your paid search campaigns
  • Get ideas for SEO keywords
  • Learn what your visitors want and where your navigation falls short
If you use Google Analytics, setting this up is pretty simple.
  1. Login and find the profile you want.
  2. On the Analytics Setting screen, click 'Edit' under the Settings column.
  3. Click 'Edit' on the right side of the Main Website Profile Information
  • Now, scroll down to the Site Search section and enable it 'Do Track...'
  • Enter the query parameter your site uses to note the search term in the URL.
For example, when you search for 'multivariate' on my blog, the URL looks like this: Thus, I use 's'. Now you'll be able to learn which terms people use when searching on your site. Google Analytics provides a whole host of other stats too. Don't be afraid to ask your analytics provider how you can get this data."

Melissa: Welcome to eM+C’s third eChat. Today we’re going to be discussing mobile marketing programs. Anyone can comment: What types of mobile marketing campaigns have you executed? Ted: 4INFO has executed a lot on both sides of the fence. We buy a fair bit of mobile media and sell the ad space on our own content. Josh: We have used [short message service] as a call to action, mobile banners, mobile search and some custom applications for our clients. Alex: We have mobile product search campaigns.

By Penny Reynolds Prepare Your Phone Reps for Selling Success. In a catalog call center I visited recently, the phone representatives were asked to upsell one of the company's new products at the end of the order-taking process. Rachel, one of the newest reps in the center, regularly offered the product on every call, and enjoyed a pretty good conversion rate. Alex, a seasoned employee who was more skilled than Rachel, didn't offer the product on a single call. And Sarah, another fairly new employee, only made some attempts—without much success. What's wrong with this picture? Is

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