Adam Sandler

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This is the time of year we, as human beings, tend to be most acutely focused on discovering and fulfilling the unmet needs of those around us. What gift can I get my daughter? What charity needs help? And what can I do differently in the coming year?

Unsatisfied customers produce negative word-of-mouth on review sites, social media, and in person, and when you spend money to acquire a customer who isn’t the right fit for your product, they are unlikely to purchase again — hurting customer lifetime value.

One might assume an enterprise’s IT department spends the most on technology (there’s a logic there, after all). But marketing departments are close to matching IT in spending; a recent Gartner survey suggests that CMO tech spending will surpass that of CIOs by the end of 2017.

Targeting this close-knit niche can be hard, but also rewarding By Brendan Maher As far as market share goes, Christmas is the clear winner over Hanukkah. Its popularity as a major marketing event isn't even matched by the Super Bowl (yet). At least one person tried to change that: "So, if it feels like you're the only kid on the block without a Christmas tree, here's a list of people that are Jewish just like you and me." Saturday Night Live's Adam Sandler may have been joking when he went on to list famous Jews from David Lee Roth to Mr. Spock in

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