Yellowstone Park

The Internet is saying cheese. First Facebook forked over $1 billion for the photo-sharing app Instagram. And now Pinterest, another social photo site, is being valued at $1.5 billion. In the online arms race between Apple, Facebook, Google and others, control of the world’s snapshots is seen as vital—and lucrative, experts say. Pinterest, an online scrapbook that lets users share and comment on their favorite images, had more than 20 million users in April, up from one million in July 2011. The startup just raised $100 million, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. Facebook, meanwhile, added to its image …

Emotional copywriting has been a marketing tactic mainstay since the dawn of man, practically. Want to engage someone? Want to get him to share your line of thinking? Want to get him to respond? Whether you're recruiting another caveman to join the hunt for food or trying to turn prospects into regular donors, tell a great story that they're likely to respond to.

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