Michael Mothner is the Founder and CEO of Wpromote, the largest independent marketing agency in the US. Along with founding Wpromote in 2001, he has also ventured into other enterprises such as ScanDigital and CouponPal, which was spun off of Wpromote’s performance marketing division into an independent company. A regular industry speaker and commentator, he has been featured by Inc. Magazine as one of "30 CEOs under 30 To Watch" and was the recipient of the PricewaterhouseCoopers Entrepreneurial Spirit Award.

Las Vegas marketers were taking a different approach to their brand reputations on Tuesday. Promotional language was hard to find, and appeared to be replaced by messages about the tragedy of Oct. 1 that left 59 gunshot victims dead and more than 500 injured.

Have you noticed that Google's search results look different lately? In mid-March, Google tweaked the search results page layout. The most notable change, from a consumer perspective, is hyperlinks are no longer underlined, which doesn't appear to affect businesses. But this update also included a key change to sponsored ads.

What is the proper media mix between digital, print, direct and the myriad other marketing channels? Getting the right message to the right person at the right time is both more complex and yet more possible. Before, marketers just had to worry about who to target. Now, it's not only about who to target, but also about when, how and with what products and offers. With abundant behavioral data and advanced analytical techniques, some marketers are figuring out exactly that.

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