Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Some believe whatever you put out into to the world, you get back tenfold. But with TD Bank Group's #TDThanksYou campaign on social media, which honors the most deserving causes its “hero” customers support by giving them $1 million Canadian, the financial services marketer has already gotten back 25 million YouTube views from one video alone.

Travel is and always has been about escape. The irony is, though, modern travel marketers need to use the Internet to reach consumers most of the way through the process. Disconnecting, however, is one of the 10 trends travel marketers need to accommodate in the end, according to a recent Adweek article.

Keynoter Scott Stratten told attendees at Unbounce’s Call to Action Conference that marketers need to have scruples. Because of a blog post he wrote outing the Bell executives, Canadian officials ordered employees to undergo ethics training and the company got fined $1.25 million. “Integrity is not a renewable resource,” Stratten said.

Beauty, eh? A Canadian ad firm’s social media campaign to cheer up Americans who are depressed about this Circus Maximus of a presidential race is spreading kindness and affirmation in the States. A Facebook trend on Tuesday, #TellAmericaItsGreat, is mostly inspiring an “aww” reaction among Americans.

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