Looking for a market that's growing exponentially, both in size and spending power? If you haven't already developed a strategy for winning over the Hispanic market, then consider that research from the Selig Center for Economic Growth estimates the purchasing power of Hispanics to mushroom to $1.5 trillion by 2015 - double the national rate for the past decade. And yet Hispanics continue to be underserved by companies, especially when it comes to direct marketing communications.

Company: Liquidus, a company that creates and delivers dynamic video advertisements to web, mobile and video on-demand TV platforms

Product/Service: Bannerlink, the company's rich media video banner product, is now able to display its dynamic banners in Spanish

What it Does: Bannerlink gives advertisers and publishers access to levels of reporting including interaction rate, expansion rate, video play rates and total interaction time. All of this information is now available in Spanish. Advertisers can use these metrics to dynamically change their ads in real time to obtain optimal return on investment.

Nearly 500 years ago, Don Juan Ponce de León traipsed across Florida in search of the elusive fountain of youth. But the Spanish explorer may have been misguided about leaving home, as now Americans searching the Internet for rejuvenating vacation spots voyage to his native Iberian Peninsula in droves.

To grow their customer bases, most industries have tapped into the Hispanic market. “I think most companies realize, or will soon realize, that without marketing to Hispanics, your market is shrinking,” says Michael Saray, president of New York-based Michael Saray Hispanic Marketing. Saray is referring to census data recording the general market’s death rate as being higher than its birthrate, and projecting the Hispanic population will grow to one quarter of the total U.S. population by 2050. A bilingual direct mail campaign may provide the best odds of connecting with Hispanic prospects. According to the 2006 American Community Survey, 78 percent of Hispanics speak

For years, audiences have suspected that Britney Spears was lip-synching at her live performances. As one fan wrote in a blog: In her concerts when her microphone is turned on for her to talk to the audience, you can hear Spears gasping and trying to catch her breath and seconds later when she breaks back into song, she is smoothly singing without a problem, yet somehow her fans are just catching on that she might not be the “live” singer they thought she was. Last week, America’s hottest little pop tart was hoist by her own petard. During her show in Orlando, Fla., the

Edited by Lisa Yorgey Lester When it comes to multicultural marketing, much ado has been made of front-end processes such as creative, and list and media selection. However, the back-end processes of direct marketing often get neglected. If you sell to the Hispanic market, is your database set up to handle multiple surnames? If customers respond to your Spanish-language offer via a toll-free number, are they greeted by a Spanish-speaking teleservices rep? As Gustovo Grüber of Banta Direct Marketing Group points out in "Shore Up Your Back-end," these all-important, but often ignored, back-end operational issues are key to solidifying customer relationships in ethnic

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