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Irvin Borowsky, founder of North American Publishing Company and Target Marketing, was small in size and towering in stature. A magnificent schemer and dreamer, Irv was a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist who changed lives and changed the world.

The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles is broke, and a lot of folks are in high dudgeon.


Its profligate and irresponsible director, Jeremy Strick, classically trained and hired in 1999 out of the Art Institute of Chicago, has burned through $44 million of the museum’s endowment, leaving it with a paltry $6 million.


This is a major scandal.


Museum management is dithering over how to quickly raise the $25 million needed to keep the doors open and some of its programs going. Do they merge with another museum? Do they hit up some big donors? Do they hire Carl Bloom Associates to launch a direct mail campaign?


Uh-uh. No time.


The sentence that follows this one will be the most blasphemous concept that could ever be promulgated in the eyes of the ego-driven elitists who run art museums.


To get on its feet, MOCA needs only to sell two paintings from its permanent collection; fire the director; put some responsible, competent people on its board; suck it up and start over.


Sell two paintings out of its permanent collection?



I think about business—and business models and how to grow a business—before dawn every day. The dog and I are out in all weather every morning at 5, and the action—and inaction—on the streets of South Philly is fascinating—small businesses showing the best American tradition of entrepreneurship. Every place of business that I come in contact with—or see from the street—is a source for new ideas. Starbucks On the corner of Third and South streets is a Starbucks, which moved in when a rather disreputable, grungy pizza place moved out. The facilities are always clean and neat and in the very early morning you

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