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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Last week, investors seemed to fall in love with mobile marketing technology (MarTech). Money changed hands to fund real-time mobile analytics; call center MarTech that drives, tracks and automates inbound calls; and software that, in part, tracks leads for on-the-go sales representatives. Read on about the MarTech marketers may soon be able to buy.

In a truly borderless economy, marketing technology (MarTech) can originate anywhere across the globe. That's exactly what the startup funding deals from Jan. 17 to 23 showed, as recorded by PitchBook, a Seattle-based M&A, private equity and venture capital database.

If software is eating the world, as described by the prominent venture capitalist Marc Andreessen in 2011, then big data is supposed to be saving it. Right? Popular use of the term "big data," which is used to describe technologies that help parse datasets too large for conventional tools to handle, has exploded in the last two years—leaving many business executives wondering if they need it. It is, in many ways, an echo of the 1960s, when large corporations saw early computers as (expensive, rudimentary, futuristic) competitive tools. To fear, or to embrace? And who, exactly, should need such

Ahead of its time, CheapAir switched from being a phone-to-FedEx travel service to an entirely online entity in 2001. Although Orbitz joined the Web ranks that year—and Expedia and Travelocity had already been there since the late '90s—most travelers were still booking flights offline.

Direct marketers may think they've heard it all and know it all about getting in the inbox. But that knowledge of email deliverability is so last month. Now it's about staying in the inbox. With email service providers (ESPs) paying close attention to whether recipients actually want the messages they're getting, marketers have to step up engagement and reputation in order for deliverability to remain high.

Marketing Automation: Sometimes marketers just want a one-stop shop. Enter ClickSquared of Waltham, Mass., a cross-channel and e-mail marketing solution provider, and its third generation SaaS platform, Click 3G.

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