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And the Insurance Companies Copped Out Have you heard the difference between an accountant and an actuary? An accountant is the person who goes onto the field of conflict after the battle and bayonets the bodies. An actuary is someone who does not have the personality to be an accountant. The only job in this world that is worse than being an actuary is that of an insurance adjuster. It is an entire life spent explaining to badly hurt people why the insurance company does not have to pay a claim in full--or at all--because the small print says so. Backgrounder The wall was

By Lois K. Geller Looking at mail on a snowy eve. Christmas in New York means mail. I get bills, catalogs, happy holidays cards, fascinating letters about "what the (NAME HERE) family did last year," solo mailers, self-mailers, letters from good friends, and a special kind of mail from "other friends" that starts to come in mid-December. These other friends are the wonderful people who look after my neighbors and me all year long. My favorite is the annual "Seasons Greetings" from the 21 employees of my apartment building. The folded single sheet someone slides under my door has blurry color photos of

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