Pearl Harbor

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As hostess of the Academy Awards on March 2, Ellen DeGeneres and Samsung teamed up to meld entertainment and advertising in a dramatic-and hugely amusing way. Samsung reportedly paid $20 million to sponsor the Academy Awards show. And throughout the evening DeGeneres fussed with a Samsung smartphone.

"Uh-oh! Spaghettios" has just gotten a whole new meaning. Seventy-two years after the Japanese navy attacked the U.S. with a surprise strike on Pearl Harbor, American pasta company SpaghettiOs commemorated the event in a dubious tweet Friday night — and many Twitter users weren't happy. Here's what SpaghettiOs tweeted Friday, on the eve of the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack. 

Could not a Pearl Harbor-like national emergency cause the federal government to subpoena or impound the major public and private databases including those of Abacus, Acxiom, Experian and the Census Bureau? At that point Washington would know everything about everybody in the country, including the color of our underwear. —Famous Last Words, August, 2001 When John F. Kennedy was shot, many of his Secret Service detail had hangovers, the result of a night of drinking. Not only was it a national tragedy, but a national embarrassment—compounded by the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald, who was in protective custody of the Dallas police. To make

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