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Last week, venture capitalists funded new marketing technology (MarTech). Among the new money holders are open-source CRM software providers, a customer sentiment monitoring toolmaker and a quick return from a company in Feb. 23’s round-up — gaining more dollars for a “lottery-ticket-esque MarTech that allows users to reveal hidden messages

Delivering the right message at the right time is the fundamental goal of every marketer. This principle has held true, regardless of the medium used to deliver the message. Whether email, banner ad, television spot, radio commercial, magazine spread, classified ad, printed flier, town crier, marketers seek to provide information that will trigger action on the part of the consumer.

Facebook is making a ton of announcements about their new Graph Search. ... Some of the features demoed today within Graph Search:
* Search for friends by where they live, where they work, who they are friends with.
* Search for photos of friends based on where they were taken, how many likes/comments they have, when they were taken.
* Search through photos you have liked Search for local businesses, like restaurants, based on where your friends have gone.
* You can refine by place type, liked by, places in (location), Visited by (My friends), similar to Foursquare.

Even if you haven’t ever visited popular visual bookmarking site Pinterest, you might recognize its design elements—which have been popping up everywhere since the startup burst onto the mainstream scene in 2011. The site doesn’t use traditional Web building blocks. “It’s almost like a window-shopping mode,” says Khoi Vinh, the former design director for “It puts the ball back in the user’s court,” muses Andrew Beck, a Web designer at Blue Fountain Media. “It flattens the information hierarchy,” describes Jeff Croft, a Web designer and co-founder of eBook lending site Lendle.

I have taken some flak for my definition of a blog: "A cross between bog and blob." By that I mean many bloggers love to clear their throats, roll up their sleeves, rub their hands together and talk about what they had for breakfast, whereupon you are in the middle of Page 2 and have learned nothing.

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