Palm Desert

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

With Tracy A. Gill For the two decades that I've been in this business, agreeing on price always [has been] a stress for the copywriter as well as the [client]," explains Palm Desert, Calif.-based copywriter Chris Marlow. For Marlow, who also runs a copywriter's training program called The Copywriter's Coach, this issue is a double stressor as her students want to learn not only about direct response copy, but the copywriting business as well. Not content with anecdotal tales of how successful copywriters got that way, Marlow wanted something more scientific to share with her students. So throughout 2004, she surveyed nearly

Nutrition and fitness guru J.J. Virgin knows so much about the evils of sugar in white bread and other foods that she can, and will, write a book about it. But in 2012, her knowledge of production and fulfillment had as many holes in it as an equally sugar-laden slice of Swiss cheese.

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