Norwalk, Conn.

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Old-school direct marketing techniques still rule in new-school media, old channels still reach business prospects who like traditional messaging and proper data use is important. Those are just a few of the takeaways from "Multichannel Marketing for Business: New Ways to Find and Convert B-to-B Prospects—and How They Really Work," a webinar hosted on Oct. 4 by Target Marketing.

Why can't we all play nicely together? During lunch with a friend who specializes in interactive placement, she and I began exploring ways to work together with one of her clients. "Who handles the e-mail or direct mail marketing for your client?" I asked. "No idea," she answered. "I'm not usually invited to those meetings."

Belvoir Media Group, based in Norwalk, Conn., is a publisher of reader-focused newsletters and magazines. Its publications cover such enthusiast topics as horses, aviation, sailing, pets and sports shooting, and in the last few years, it has expanded into the health arena, targeting mainly an aging baby boomer population. For Tom Canfield, the publisher’s vice president of circulation in charge of the health and aviation groups, success in these tight vertical markets requires making the most out of each and every list he has at his disposal. Canfield spoke with me about the importance of taking a good, hard look at your merge/purge, your partnership

By Hallie Mummert Best practices for delivering your fulfillment kits on time and on a dime. The key to efficient literature fulfillment is that it needs to be treated as a combination of two processes, says Barry Blumenfield, CEO of BMI Fulfillment Services in Norwalk, Conn. The first component is order fulfillment, which requires you to provide fast delivery of the right materials. The second is direct mail conversion, wherein your goal is to get a sale. David Lowndes, director of new product development at fulfillment firm Comac in Milpitas, Calif., provides the perfect example of how companies miss Blumenfield's points. How often

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