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Tidewater Direct LLC, specializing in Web offset and inkjet trade printing and finishing for the direct mail industry, has announced the installation of a 10-color Sanden 1500 printing press for its West Branch Iowa location. This marks the third Sanden in Iowa and the eighth in the company’s fleet of continuous forms direct mail printing presses.

It’s hard to turn on national news lately and not learn some new, dramatic winter weather-related terminology. With debilitating ice storms and power outages in the Mid-Atlantic, sub-zero temperatures in the Midwest and record snowfall in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve picked up a few new vocabulary words—Polar Vortex, Bombogenesis, Pineapple Express. These words, though, mean more than your customers being cold, frustrated and covered in snow (or ice); they mean you have a super-relevant hook to start conversations with your customers

A wave of experiments at various companies could take consumer convenience (and impulsiveness) to new heights. ...  On Tuesday, MasterCard plans to announce a partnership with Condé Nast, the publisher of Vogue, Wired, Vanity Fair and other popular magazines, that will allow digital readers to instantly buy items described in an article or showcased in an advertisement by tapping a shopping cart icon on the page. The partnership, called ShopThis, will begin in the November tablet edition of Wired, due on Oct. 15

Email is a powerful marketing tool. That said, the full benefits of email marketing are only truly realized when it's used as part of an overall marketing strategy, as opposed to a vehicle for one-off messages. Like anything powerful, email can be used for both good and … spammy ("evil" seems a mite harsh) campaigns. Make the most of your email marketing campaigns by making sure you avoid common mistakes.

In its short lifetime, e-mail has proven itself as an incredibly effective sales tool. According to the Direct Marketing Association, every dollar invested in e-mail marketing returns $45.65, more than twice as much as other online media and nearly three times as much as direct mail. With these heady numbers, marketers might be excused from thinking about other uses for e-mail.

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