Lincoln, Neb.

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

For financial services companies that want to roll out trigger-based e-mail marketing campaigns but would like surefire promotional success, San Diego-based marketing software company Leadfusion claims its new “EMAIL Track Library” will do the trick.

By Linda Formichelli Assurity Direct gets creative with mail and models to energize its prospecting. Assurity Life Insurance Co. is a study in innovation, change and risk-taking—from its history to its direct mail program. Innovation: In 1890, Dr. E. O. Faulkner created Modern Woodmen Accident Association because he saw a need to make accident coverage available to working people—not just the wealthy. This Lincoln, Neb., company continued to expand and add products over the next century. Change: In 1954, three Woodmen companies were merged to create Woodmen Accident and Life Co., and in 1997, the Assurity Life Insurance Co. was formed as a

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