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The late Victor Kiam—CEO of Remington shavers—was a client of mine. A favorite expression of his was "cheapsy-weepsy." Cheapsy-weepsy describes corporate America.

Still pushing to right itself after an enormous data breach by cybercriminals, Target announced on Tuesday that it would switch its debit and credit cards over to a more secure technology by early next year, most likely making it the first major retailer in the country to do so. The company also said on Tuesday that it had hired a new CIO to oversee the company’s technology team and data security. The new debit and credit card technology, called chip and PIN, is widely used in Europe and considered to be far more secure than most cards used in the

An email scam masked as an order confirmation from StubHub landed in countless mailboxes Thursday. The San Francisco-based online ticket broker, a subsidiary of eBay Inc., first learned of the scam early Thursday morning, and within a few hours was deluged with phone calls, said spokesman Glenn Lehrman.

“We don’t have a sense yet of how big it is,” he said.

The company has placed a warning notice on its home page advising recipients not to click on any link in the email. Lehrman said the company has been sending messages out through social media to notify customers.

The economy suffered around the world in 2009, but the online advertising market showed its resistance to the recession. While total media spending dropped, online ad spending increased by 2% to $55.2 billion.

Electile Dysfunction: The inability to become aroused over any of the choices for president put forth by either party in the 2008 election year. —Ed Zuckerman, Proprietor of “Government Policy Newslinks” to Denny Hatch, e-mail, January 23, 2008 Today is Super Tuesday. * With Bill Clinton getting more media attention than his wife, who is the candidate? Does this bode well for her presidency? * Barack Obama is an inspiring fellow, but do two years in the United States Senate qualify him to be commander-in-chief and leader of the Free World? * Do I really want John McCain—a lovely guy, but my age

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