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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

If you are in the business world, you know having an effective marketing strategy is essential. Whether you are just building your company and looking for ways to advertise effectively, or whether you are trying to breathe new life into your company with an innovative marketing campaign, why not look into experiential marketing?

Auto marketers are looking for powerful ways to drive cross-channel traffic and Super Bowl ads do just that, merging TV and social, finds Experian. This Sunday’s big game and its 30-second, $5 million ad spots may be just the right route to acquiring high-quality customers, according to research released on Wednesday.

A common refrain from marketers is that they can't find qualified hires for the new data-driven jobs. To that end, the Direct Marketing Association's Marketing EDGE arm works to ensure college students learn about direct marketing and join the field. Now, if an initiative from President Barack Obama becomes a reality, Americans with less of an edge can get trained in the "TechHire Initiative."

In an era when just about everyone has a Facebook page, why did President Barack Obama, the Ford Motor Co. and Ian Somerhalder turn to the same person to manage their online voices? Oliver Luckett and his company, theAudience, are virtual producers, creating thousands of pieces of content per month: Facebook pages, videos, Twitter messages—just about anything with the potential to go viral. Luckett says old models of communication have lost influence; building original, shareable content is now the most valuable way to connect with people. And he argues that the same principles apply whether you’re campaigning for leader

The Web publishing world has been slightly panicked over the growth of mobile consumption—mostly because for individual sites, the just money isn't there. Mobile banners are seen as a lousy brand vehicle, which is why so many are rushing to native ads. BuzzFeed founder and CEO Jonah Peretti might as well be telling the industry: rush faster. (And while you're at it, write longer stories instead of short blog posts and cheap slide shows.) According to Peretti, mobile ads perform better for BuzzFeed than do desktop ads, in terms of clickthroughs and sharing.

Auto companies think better marketing is the trick to wooing the youth—but they're forgetting we're broke. This morning, Salon attended a panel discussion at the advertising and marketing firm Ogilvy devoted to the question of whether millennials want to buy cars, or whether the sort of seismic generational shifts documented by Joel Stein in Time meant that Detroit was in trouble. The invitation from Ford, which had put on the event, told us the goal: “use data, trends and expertise to show that Millennials aren’t just a bunch of PBR-drinking hipsters who spin vinyl and ride bikes.” We were trepidatious

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