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Thursday is still the most popular day for sending emails, with Tuesday a close second, according to a review of emails received by Who's Mailing What! June 2013 through May 2014 from more than 2,500 companies/organizations.

How do you motivate a procrastinator? You can kick start response in any channel by adding urgency to your marketing message. Building urgency is an effective response-driver when it's used appropriately and provides real value. Here are some urgency-building tips for writers of email, direct mail, landing pages, websites and mobile advertising

With just two weeks of Mad Men left to go, it’s clear that the delay of season five didn’t dent the show’s cultural impact. That’s a mixed blessing to anyone whose brand is associated with AMC’s high-style depiction of Madison Avenue in the 1960s. (Creator Matthew Weiner’s refusal to allow more product placement in the show was cited as a factor in the long hiatus.) The level of love or loathing for the series among marketers may depend, in part, on whether their company paid to be there.

12 Creative Strategies TO Generate B-to-B Leads and Sales By Russ Phelps Space ads have helped launch a number of consumer mail-order businesses, including J. Peterman, Banana Republic and Lillian Vernon, to name a few. Less expensive and easier to create than a direct mail package, space ads allow marketers to test the market for a particular product or service. In the B-to-B arena, where good response lists are less plentiful, space ads can be a cost-effective tool for generating both leads and sales. Understand the Business Buyer Before sitting down to write your ad copy, you must first understand your audience. Business buyers

By Irene Cherkassky This past holiday season, bigger wasn't always better as a slew of smaller format holiday catalogs and gift guides came through the Who's Mailing What! Archive—and many consumers' mailboxes. The petite mailings were mailed by a wide range of marketers that obviously felt good things do come in small packages. This year's holiday effort from brand-conscious Banana Republic, for example, is a bright yellow book edged in gold (Archive code #910-605111-0411A). The focus is on lavish images of Banana Republic-clad models and tastefully arranged clothing designed to stimulate gift ideas and pairings. Another small-format piece arrived from American Eagle (AE)

The spirit of sharing was alive and well this past holiday season, but not in the way some marketers might have expected. Retailers often reward their employees with “friends-and-family” discount promotions meant to bring in a little more business and allow employees to help their loved ones do their holiday shopping. But as companies extend these discounts to online and phone orders via promotion codes that don’t require the remittance of a paper coupon, the far-reaching hand of e-mail has turned these efforts into friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend discounts. In a Dec. 3 article in The Wall Street Journal (“The Discounts You Aren’t Meant to Have”), reporter

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