When in Doubt, Do the Obvious


4 Tips for Podcasts and Search Optimization

Record it, and they will come, right? Of course, we all know building an online audience requires promotion. To increase the number of people listening to your firm’s podcast programs, check out these four tips for optimizing your podcast promotion landing pages—courtesy of Amanda Watlington, owner of search engine marketing consulting firm Searching for Profit. Watlington presented these ideas and more during her “Podcast & Audio Search Optimization” session at last month’s Search Engine Strategies Conference & Expo. #1. To avoid broken links, use a separate landing page for audio content. #2. Create a promotional landing page for your podcast series or show, offering

6 Tactics for Better Search Ads

Getting your search ad in the top rankings of search engine results pages might win you more eyeballs, but it doesn’t guarantee a click or a sale. Your search ad itself must do some heavy lifting to successfully compete with other listings. Misty Locke, president and co-founder of Range Online Media, a search and interactive marketing agency, offered Search Engine Strategies Conference & Expo attendees the following tactics during the session, “Creating Compelling Ads.” #1. Establish trust quickly for branded terms by including the words “official site” in the title and/or description. #2. Solidify the connection by including the keyword in the title and

Improve Your Open Rates for Acquisition E-mail

The most common question I get as a panel participant at industry events when addressing audiences on the topic of online marketing, specifically e-mail marketing, is: “What can be done to increase the open and clickthrough rates for e-mail efforts?” In my position, I see hundreds of e-mail campaigns by dozens of marketers every year. Often, it’s the fundamentals that are overlooked by marketers when building their e-mail strategies. The following principles and practices are associated with acquisition e-mail but also apply to CRM programs. And they serve as strategies to consider and employ to yield higher response rates and a more effective e-mail

OfficeMax’s Chris Duncan on Trigger Mail

You walk into an OfficeMax store, or go online, and make a purchase. Once upon a time, friendly service and a good product might make you a repeat customer for that office supplies business. Today, that purchase is the “trigger” for a campaign that cross-sells or upsells you correlated products. I recently interviewed Chris Duncan—director of marketing for OfficeMax, which is headquartered in Naperville, Ill.—about his organization’s progressive trigger campaigns and its heavy reliance on direct mail. Ethan Boldt: How much a part of a trigger marketing campaign is direct mail versus the other channels? Chris Duncan: You can use e-mail, telemarketing, in-store, mobile

When in Doubt, Do the Obvious

The price of diesel fuel has doubled—up 22% in the past two months alone. Particularly hard-hurt are cross-country haulers, fishermen and heavy equipment operators, who are paying roughly $4 for a gallon of diesel. To fill his giant 200-gallon semi, independent trucker Bob Kuzniar has to pony up $800. Exorbitantly high fuel prices mean that Kuzniar and his colleagues nationwide are earning less and less. Some are being forced out of business with large payments due on their rigs and have little hope of avoiding bankruptcy. Does a solution exist? Life at the Pump It costs $40 to $50 to fill up my car