Target Marketing June 2013


'Mobile First' Gains Urgency

Desktop computers haven't yet gone the way of the dinosaur, so the trend in mobile search isn't yet taking the lead in dictating algorithms. But mobile search is a whole different beast and recent research might make marketers want to learn more about the "mobile-first" approach to search.

6 Questions to Ask Your Prospective Email Service Provider

The success of an email marketing program depends on a number of factors—your content, your artwork, your targeting—but one very important factor you may not have considered is your email service provider's (ESP) reputation. The ESP you choose to work with can make all the difference in whether your email ever gets to your customers and prospects. Here are the six questions you should ask prospective ESPs to determine which one would be the best partner for you

Are You a Social CRM Native?

The shift to social CRM is more than an adoption of new operational models or technologies," says Sandy Carter, vice president of social business evangelism and sales for Armonk, N.Y.-based technology firm IBM. "It is a philosophical, cultural transformation concerning customer relationships, which is still in the early stages for many. Businesses need to stay laser-focused on what their customers value in social media to reap the full potential of a successful social CRM strategy."

Digitally Enhanced

Digital marketing and print/phone/ "analog" marketing are locked in a struggle to the death! ... Aren't they? If you read a lot of articles in the direct marketing space, it probably sounds like they are. But if you step back and watch what marketers are actually doing, they're not.

Direct Mail Turns Crumbles Into Whole Cookie

Lynn R. Godbersen's brain is so wired to think about agriculture, he doesn't even notice the implication behind his comment about the decision to create a direct mail campaign around feed additives for cattle. "Well, we've got a large sales force, but they've got a lot on their plate," says Godbersen, who represents an important link in the food supply chain to American dinner tables.

Send Smart

While marketers have been using email for decades, the biggest impact on this platform has come in the last three to five years due to the quick and exponential increase in smartphone adoption, thus leading to a change in how emails are viewed. Mobile email is the one thing that most blurs the line between personal and public, as people are moving in droves to have both personal and work emails on the same phone. The reason? In this day and age, they always have their phones with them.

Technical Know-How

A lot of B-to-B marketing either promotes technical products, sells to a technical audience or both. The technical nature of these marketing campaigns poses a challenge to those who must create them, because the marketers tasked with executing these high-tech marketing campaigns often lack a technical background.

The Evolution of Interactive Print

Today, many marketers are trending away from looking at printed media as their No. 1 channel to reach an intended audience. Digital—including mobile, online advertising, social media buys, corporate websites and others—tends to be a higher priority as marketers see consumers continuing to turn to the Web and, more specifically, accessing the Web via mobile devices.

The Trigger Email Bill of Rights

Target marketing pros know the "rights" mantra: right person, right content, right time. In today's digital data world, many believe a combination of marketing automation and behavior data is all you need to create successful trigger email campaigns in just three easy steps: Select leads that match your customer demographic, gather data about their behavior and apply business rules that trigger emails based on that behavior. Presto, campaign success … right? Wrong, if you want more than a 2 percent response. Really wrong, if you want respondents who convert to sales and campaign ROI.

What's a Thing Worth?

I adore wandering among the cosmetics kiosks and booths at upscale department stores. They are always teeming with elegant sales ladies—who double as expert make up artists—coddling women young and old.

Would You 'Like' to Buy?

It wasn't terribly obvious to the folks at SteelMaster Buildings that Facebook was a good place to be prospecting. As it turns out, the company is one of the best Facebook B-to-B examples I've found to-date. Here's how the business gets U.S. and international leads and sales—right on its Facebook page.