Target Marketing June 2010


Brand Bookends

Have you ever thought about where and how your brand story begins and ends? What emotional feelings are being conveyed as your customers enter and exit your brand experience? These beginnings and endings are important impression makers. It pays to take some "stop and think" time to evaluate how graciously and memorably you are saying hello and goodbye to your customers.

Build Utility

Successful marketing is becoming less about catering to (or creating) desire, positive sentiment or aspiration among customers. In this new world economy, engagement and buzz aren't enough. Facebook fans or Twitter followers aren't enough. Buzzing or creating awareness that marketers think will generate incremental sales isn't enough to please the C- 
suite executives.

Getting the Message

At 48, Ron Rowe likes to think of himself as young. And while age may be a state of mind, Rowe finally had to admit he didn't "get" the young people with their music and their gadgets. That epiphany came two years ago for BlueCross BlueShield of Kansas City's director of small group and consumer sales. He was chatting on a Monday afternoon with Sam Meers—president of Kansas City, Mo.-based Meers Advertising—about testing 800 numbers that would be the direct response channel for some 7-year-old commercials. Could it all be ready for the JumboTrons for a Friday night concert at Capitol Federal Park at Sandstone?

Marketing Instinct 101

The hypothalamus is the part of the brain that regulates aggression, hunger, thirst, pleasure, material behavior and, according to Duct Tape Marketing blog's John Jantsch, the desire to refer.

Multichannel Platform, Social Media Optimization, Transactional Mail, Mobile and Live Chat

Multichannel Platform: Harte-Hanks of San Antonio, Texas has teamed up with Napa, Calif.-based VeraCentra to bring marketers a solution that provides automation and message consistency for both global and local campaigns.

Privacy’s Tipping Point

Even on the news front, the U.S. Postal Service gets eclipsed by the Internet. Marketers who used to be on tenterhooks regarding the agency's push to a five-day delivery week now are focused on a bigger threat: a draft federal privacy bill that would further regulate the collection and use of online and offline data, making it harder to come by postal addresses in the first place.

SDAFF Tries Out the Third Screen

Leonardo Nam may have been featured in "He's Just Not That Into You," but he was sure into his role during the San Diego Asian Film Festival. Alerted through text message, about 100 festival attendees arrived to take turns sitting in a Toyota with the actor and record scenes for an online video.

Survey Says ...

An online survey of Target Marketing’s readership was conducted. The goal: find out what the best practices are in B-to-B

The Ad That Built Factories

Doyle Dane Bernbach Founder Bill Bernbach famously said, "Good advertising builds sales. Great advertising builds factories." Bernbach's seemingly fanciful quote is actually based on fact. The 1923 ad was written by George Cecil of N.W. Ayer & Son, and not only turned Canada Dry into a household brand of ginger ale, but was responsible for the construction of two new factories.

Two Solutions for Weak Automated Triggers

Trigger-based marketing is a powerful technique designed to engage the customer at the precise moment when there is maximum opportunity to create value. Unfortunately, many marketers only scratch the surface and execute a limited number of simple triggers, leaving the chance for improvement, customer satisfaction and ROI on the table.

Up to Code

Most likely, any business that produces frequent, large mailings has already heard something about the Intelligent Mail barcode (IMB) capability now offered by the United States Postal Service. The fact is, as of May 2011, the currently used POSTNET barcode will be phased out and IM barcodes will be required for marketers in order to qualify for the automation discount postage rate. However, this barcode provides additional advantages that may be of special interest to marketers wanting to optimize the impact of their direct mail campaigns.

the CMO Wants

CMOs are looking for the best way to reach customers and increase ROI. To do that, they arm themselves with a multitude of marketing channels; many of which are growing and changing rapidly—particularly with the dawn of the digital age. At the heart of all these channels—with, as noted, digital media leading the pack—is direct marketing. Whether you call this approach "direct" or not, these are the principles that enable marketers to quantify ROI. So, how do CMOs decide, in this sea of marketing channels and direct marketing principles, what skill sets they need from their staff?

Winning Over the Inbox

I often call list growth "The Holy Grail" of e-mail marketing—it's one of the most desired, yet elusive, goals of any e-mail marketer. According to a recent study by Forrester Research, "finding new e-mail subscribers" (44 percent) and "retaining existing" ones (29 percent) rank among the top five challenges e-mail marketers say they'll face during the next two years, consistent with survey results from many years prior.