Target Marketing December 2011


4 Turning Points of 2011

The first year of the new decade brought more change for marketers than any since the early days of the Internet. The USPS may default, the Internet is moving to mobile devices—which marketers never entirely figured out how to leverage in the first place—and Google keeps meddling in just about every aspect of digital marketing, from search, email and social media to operating systems and cloud computing.

5 Tips for a Great Infomercial

Infomercials can be used to market everything from selling products and services to fundraising. But what does it take to produce a good one? Ron Perlstein, executive producer and media director at Boca Raton, Fla.-based direct response and infomercial marketing company InfoWorx, has some ideas.

Back to Basic Training

Forget about 2012 predictions. I've got something more important to tell you. The facts are in: We're nearly five years into the "social media revolution" and most of us are agonizing, not revolutionizing. The global economy and financial markets are in near chaos, jobs are scarce and consumer spending remains weak.

Direct Mail Adds Up

Two years ago, "Direct Mail Doomed, Long Live Email" was the headline of an ONLINE Media Daily post. The media research firm Borrell Associates of Williamsburg, Va., crunched some numbers and decreed that direct mail is deader than Kelsey's nuts.In October, the U.S. Postal Service—which is in woeful shape—announced that while the volume of First…

Direct Mail Adds Up

For someone whose DNA is hard-wired to respect the discipline—and above all the arithmetic—of traditional advertising, I face my Yahoo inbox with dread. I love my postman. Happily, I am not alone.

Entering the Inbox

We hear how email is becoming obsolete and social networking is morphing into the medium of choice for online communication. But in the B-to-B community, it hasn't happened yet.

Pass ‘The Mayo Effect’

I cannot stop talking about our family's recent experience at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. For a person who makes her living by helping companies with their brands, that is a very good thing. Creating word-of-mouth "buzz worthiness" through customer-centric experiences is at the heart of all memorable branding.

Pats' Pact: Fans Are Family

In early 2010, a looming National Football League lockout coincided with the New England Patriots' lowest season ticket renewal rate in a decade. But Pats owner Kraft Sports Group (KSG) of Foxborough, Mass thought analytics might solve one of those problems.

Prospecting for Gold with Content

Sifting through mud—also known as endless consumer data streams—isn't how ADT does business. Instead, the Boca Raton, Fla.-based company synonymous with security systems prefers to make sure it finds the gold nugget prospects in the stream—the hot leads who are interested in buying its newest product—not the fool's gold.

 Grocery Store Approach

Marketers are familiar with the cringe-worthy studies that show anywhere from 50 percent to 90 percent of Web forms being abandoned by users. But what is lacking from those percentages is context: What was being asked in those forms and how?

The B-to-B Social Media Book, The Real Mad Men and The Copywriter's Toolkit

Check out the marketing 
titles publishing in January, February and March 2012.

of the Trade

Consumers now seek content and advice on their own, mirroring traditional long-cycle B-to-B decision experiences. B-to-C marketers could learn a lot about how to nurture those leads—as well as create valuable content and word-of-mouth—from their B-to-B counterparts.