Target Marketing August 2011


‘The Price Is Right' Is Not How Americans Pick Banks

Cost drives consumer interaction with financial services firms, right? Wrong. So says Cambridge, Mass.-based Forrester Research in the study, "Putting The Best Sales Arguments On Financial Services Websites."

Go Big or Go Home

Mega menus work in conjunction with the global navigation bar to help users move through your website confidently and efficiently.

Leverage Content, Build Relationships and Learn the Power of foursquare

Check out the marketing 
titles publishing in August, September and October 2011.

Leveraging ‘Likes’

If people are talking about products and services, Facebook is one of the best places to start facilitating and encouraging those discussions. Facebook has made a number of features that marketers use to leverage their customers' reviews.

Link Me Out

In May 2011, LinkedIn was all over the news like a cheap suit with an IPO that was reminiscent of the Nutsy Fagan lunacy that went on at the end of the last century during the dot-com boom. Bloomberg Businessweek called it, "the hottest initial public offering in the U.S. since at least 2006."

Make the Call

If social media is so wonderful, why would B-to-B marketers want to continue with the more traditional model of making outbound telephone calls? Is outbound telemarketing still a viable option for driving business marketing success?

Picking Up the Pace

Smart adaptation is key for today's marketer, and perhaps no story illustrates that better than our cover story, "Small Loans, Big Picture."

Put a Little Love in It

What do yogurt maker Chobani, global logistics company UPS and online shoe retailer Zappos all have in common? Think hard. It's probably not what you think: Love.

QR Codes, PURLs Net Big Returns for AICPA

During the height of the 2011 tax season, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants' (AICPA) campaign to upsell selected members on the AICPA Tax Section was in full swing.

Big Picture

Federal Way, Wash.-based World Vision Micro puts funding into the hands of those who need it the most while integrating its Web and print marketing efforts.

The Power of Proof

I've noticed a dangerous trend in B-to-B marketing: a lack of proof in the copy for product claims made in advertising.