Target Marketing August 2009


A Healthy Relationship

As Dr. Gregory House’s baby blues stare into the distance, presumably because his boss has just dashed his delusion that they’ve had sex, he finally sees the same reality as those watching the season finale of “House” on Fox—he needs mental help.

B-to-B Data Capture

CardScan—which invented card scanners for Mac and Windows and is part of the office technology products group of Atlanta-based Newell Rubbermaid— enhanced its Mac offering with CardScan Executive for Mac 1.5 software. Those who purchased CardScan Executive for Mac that debuted in October 2008 can download a free update for the 1.5 version. As of mid-May, the updates were included in the software.

Bills, (Paper) Bills, Go Away

In a way, Progress Energy’s recent push to turn its energy customers on to electronic billing affirmed the power company’s message that its product—electricity—can be environmentally friendly and economical to use.

Clean Sweep

It’s fair to say we all have a place either in our homes or offices that we hope others won’t see. Whether it’s a crammed closet, junk drawer, three-car garage with no cars in it, musty attic boxes or sagging basement shelves, we all have some place that doesn’t pass Martha Stewart muster. We have just accumulated too much stuff.

Direct Mail Redux?

For more than 35 years, my wife, Peggy, and I have been saving our direct mail for inclusion in the giant Who’s Mailing What! Archive of samples in more than 200 categories—consumer, business and nonprofit.

Get Personal

In today’s economy, acquiring highly qualified customers while increasing the amount of products and services they purchase is of critical importance. By making small, manageable improvements, online merchants can increase the lifetime value of each customer, drive repeat purchases and create stronger customer loyalty.

Northern Exposure

While Canada has introduced some of North America’s most stringent privacy legislation, the absence of a law equivalent to CAN-SPAM has led marketers to view Canada as a virtual wild west—an untamed territory where any e-mail marketing practice is acceptable. But a new anti-spam bill is about to change e-commerce for everyone marketing to Canadians. The Electronic Commerce Protection Act (ECPA), also known as Bill C-27, is expected to become law in late 2009 with implementation to follow in 2010. If you are going to tap into this market of net-savvy consumers—more than 85 percent of Canadians are on the Internet—you need to take action now.

Short Leash for Behavioral Targeting

The Federal Trade Commission has been firing warning shots across the bow of marketers’ behavioral targeting practices for the past year. The most frank signs of the agency’s intention to compel stringent self-regulation have come from its release earlier this year of intensified guidelines for online behavioral advertising and a June ruling against Sears for alleged deceptive advertising.

Writing for the Web

It’s ironic: Search engine optimization/search engine marketing consultants are springing up all over the place, like dandelions in spring. Yet none of them seem to agree much on the best practices, methods and standards for optimizing Web sites.