September 2007 Issue


Auto Restorers: Lists to Test

The following is a sample of lists available to reach this market. F&W Publications Old Cars Masterfile: 94,546 active subscribers to Old Cars Weekly and Old Cars Price Guide. Price: $95/M. Call: MKTG Services, (800) 936-6210. Kanter Auto Products: 26,550 last 12-month buyers of antique and classic auto parts. Price: $95/M. Call: Names and Addresses, (847) 465-1500. Auto Restorer: 44,367 active U.S. subscribers. Price: $100/M. Call: Bowtie List Management, (949) 855-8822, ext. 3420. Hemmings Motor News: 142,118 active subscribers. Price: $95/M. Call: Statlistics, (203) 778-8700.

Boy, That’s Rich

When it comes to shopping online, fun is as important as functional, with consumers desiring streamlined processes that offer interactive features. “Instead of just delivering information [successful e-tailers] are delivering an experience,” says Joe Chung, CEO of Cambridge, Mass.-based e-commerce application provider Allurent. With all the flashy, albeit annoying, pop-ups vying for e-consumers’ attention, smart companies are focusing instead on using rich media and rich Internet applications (RIAs) to engage potential customers, increase clickthroughs and ROI, and reduce shopping cart abandonment. Marketers are using merchandising suites for product location, color change and product detail, configuration and catalog browsing. While not all RIAs or rich

Direct Mail Road Signs

A hot spot is where your eye goes first when you look at a postcard, outer envelope, catalog spread, direct mail letter, space ad or even an e-mail. Most of us had our first experience with hot spots in elementary school when we looked for easy ways to study for tests. We wanted to pick out key points to review without rereading entire chapters. What did we do? We looked at chapter titles, subheads, terms in boldface type, maps, charts, graphs, photos and the captions under them. In other words, we looked at hot spots. From this experience, we’ve trained ourselves to look for eye-grabbing design

Direct Selling: Tactical Branding

It commonly is accepted in business today that a strongly defined brand is one of a company’s greatest assets and actually can accelerate performance. It has the power to take a company and its products or services from an unknown commodity to a position of strength in the marketplace. You can achieve this by carving out a unique position among your competitors and standing for something relevant in the mind of the consumer. But once you have done the hard work of establishing a unique point of difference and creating a distinct personality that truly makes your brand memorable, how do you bring it to

E-Commerce Link: Better Conversion

Are you testing landing pages like a primate on steroids? Are you spinning wheels trying to unearth your next conversion rate boost? Here are four Web site areas that often are overlooked and misunderstood, and some suggestions on how you can improve them for better site conversion. 1. Create a Better Perception of Site Speed Load time is not the only element that affects a visitor’s impression of how quickly your site and each subsequent page appear on-screen. While a site loads with an absolute speed, it’s possible to give the impression it’s loading faster by prioritizing your information and loading critical details first. Actual speed and

Editor’s Notes: All Data is not Equal

Like all mediums, direct mail is evolving to better fit the consumer’s expectations. The evolution to more customized mailings has been a long time in the making, but online media have hastened the process by providing marketers with additional insights into their customers’ behaviors and possibly by showing up their offline counterparts. Whatever the reason—and advancements in technology, for sure, have played a big role—it’s welcomed progress. Unless, however, marketers get so bogged down with the logistics that they forget to properly plan their data strategy. As many direct marketing experts have admonished—including the former editor of this magazine—just because you have data on a

Famous Last Words: The Wisdom of Milt Pierce

I have known Milt Pierce for many years as a world-class freelance copywriter of direct mail, space ads and TV commercials, and teacher of direct marketing at New York University. Now direct marketing entrepreneur Bob Bly has assembled a fascinating compendium of Milt Pierce’s work over the years and published it as an e-book with the intriguing title, “Milt Pierce’s Marketing Success Secrets.” With all the razzle-dazzle of data warehousing, Internet marketing, co-op databases, myriad list appends and content-management systems, the old true, tried and tested rules of direct marketing tend to get shoved into a mental bottom drawer and ignored. In fact, a great many

Insert Media Buying Guide: Help Wanted

The good news: Insert media continues to blossom, with new programs being announced regularly. The could-be-better news: The channel still needs more players, both advertisers and program owners. While this medium has seen significant expansion in recent years, everyone with a stake in its success is clamoring for more. More large programs. More variety in advertisers and offers. To identify a few of the main challenges and opportunities in the insert media arena, Target Marketing called on two leading experts: Leon Henry, chairman and CEO of Leon Henry Inc., and Lisa Roland, president of Everyday Media. They shared their thoughts on how marketers can leverage

Insert Media Buying Guide: Special Report

With media fragmentation a reality for all marketers, finding a way to be in more places at the same time is critical to capturing prospects’ and customers’ attention, not to mention growing sales. At the same time, those locations all need to produce an acceptable ROI. Due to its attractive CPMs and the increasing number of available programs, some marketers are considering insert media campaigns for the very first time. And they’re finding that this channel can work well, but only if they’re willing to really invest some time to build a media strategy and to be tireless in their testing. While more insert

Insert Media Buying Guide: Thinking Outside of the Mailbox

Given the howls of agony coming from direct marketers feeling the sharp stab of the recent postage rate hike—not to mention the confusion over the new shape-based pricing system—now is a good time to look at a classic form of direct response marketing overlooked by many: inserts. There are several different types of inserts—including statement stuffers, package inserts and catalog bind-ins—but for now, let’s focus on newspaper FSIs. FSI is short for “free-standing insert,” which are those colorful brochures that fall out of newspapers. They offer a cornucopia of stuff—everything from grocery specials to sales on electronics, gardening and remodeling products and services, low-cost check reprint

Market Focus: Auto Restorers

You won’t find a more passionate, loyal market than auto restorers—people who buy antique cars, bring them back to their original beauty, and proudly display them at auto events. Though it’s a diverse market that can be difficult to pin down, with some research—and some passion of your own—you’ll be able to turn them into customers. The Motoring Market Auto restorers cross socioeconomic lines. “My company sells to 100,000 collectors per year,” says Fred Kanter, co-owner of Kanter Auto Products, a supplier of new mechanical auto parts for antique 1930 to 1990 American cars and trucks. “Ralph Lauren is a collector, and so is Joe the

Mayo Clinic Publications

Mayo Clinic, a household name for consumers researching health and wellness information, strives to maximize brand reputation with its more than 900,000 paid publication subscribers. According to James Hale, director of consumer marketing, high brand name recognition, high-quality products and “a team of professionals dedicated to creating successful marketing programs” helped the company achieve about $30 million in product sales last year. The company’s two newsletters are Mayo Clinic Health Letter, which is aimed at a 60-plus age demographic, and Mayo Clinic Women’s Health Source, which is focused on the mature female market. Mayo Clinic Health Solutions also publishes a line of nearly 20 consumer

Meredith Corp.

Since 1902, Meredith Corp., a Des Moines, Iowa-based publishing and broadcasting company, has focused on reader feedback when creating direct mail campaigns. This emphasis on keeping publication offerings and direct mail packages simple, based on reader surveys, has helped grow the company to include more than 15 home, family and personal development women’s magazines; 200 special interest publications; and 14 TV stations. With 2006 annual sales nearly $1.6 billion, Vice President of Consumer Marketing David Ball attributes the company’s success to a continued investment in direct marketing. “We feel our competitors have pulled back from direct marketing because of the costs, but [our] management

Mind Your Own Business … Data

In business data, nothing is more important than accuracy. And in B-to-B marketing, data represents a company’s most important asset—its customers. The more specific and current information companies have about their customers, the more effectively they can target their market and deliver their message to those customers. And, because a “customer” includes both the business and the contacts within the business, it is essential to keep both types of information up-to-date. With complete and accurate customer data, a marketing database truly can become a knowledge center for a business. The keys to finding and maintaining quality B-to-B data are: * Keep data accurate during

Nuts & Bolts: Case Study

Challenge: Better pinpoint homes likely to hire an in-home cleaning service.Solution: Employ predictive modeling for more accurate name selection.Results: Increased campaign response and lower acquisition costs.The Maids International (TMI) was casting its net too wide. The Omaha, Neb.-based residential cleaning service was relying on simple geography and broad selects, such as households with incomes of…

Nuts & Bolts: Fast Facts

Shifting business priorities and organizational emphasis over the past few years have created an ebb and flow between disciplines within the marketplace, according to a 2007 Aberdeen report, State of the Market. In a survey of businesses in 13 different industries, 3,670 survey respondents placed a clear emphasis on sales and marketing instead of on the previous focus, manufacturing. According to the report, “the revolving door phenomenon,” swinging between manufacturing and sales and marketing, “reflects the marketplace du jour and hinges on the ebb and flow of supply and demand, leapfrogging technologies, mergers, acquisitions and a sundry of other factors.” The chart at right depicts

Nuts & Bolts: Internet

As marketing and advertising technology become more sophisticated and an increasing number of households surf the Web at broadband speeds, interactive videos and adver-gaming are gaining popularity. According to Henry Woodman, president of Hollywood, Fla.-based Internet content provider ICE Portal, “We are the TV generation; adver-gaming, video and rich media will all become part of the ad experience.” Adver-games are interactive advertisements containing mini-video games or click-to-play games. They entertain and engage consumers by allowing them to interact with content, for example, by clicking on virtual tours, pausing and playing video. Showing a product as part of the adver-game experience “can be very powerful and

Pitney Bowes

Few companies are as invested in mail as Pitney Bowes, which sells mailstream hardware, software, services and solutions to more than two million businesses through direct and dealer channels. The company’s small-business division is a heavy user of direct mail to grow the business. “Direct mail provides a profitable customer who stays with us for a very long time. Other channels can acquire [similar customers], but direct mail has shown to sustain this performance over time,” says Matt Julian, the division’s director of marketing. “It provides a controlled testing environment to read results with more reliability than in other channels.” Julian attributes success in this

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

On a mission to cure leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) regularly conducts market research to target its audience as well as to develop and test all of its services. From fundraising programs to patient education and support initiatives, market research keeps the society in touch with its members’ needs. At the core of its membership are people for whom struggling to survive is an everyday reality, and so the reader surveys in its direct mail reflect that urgency. In addition, LLS works to leverage the large pool of consumers who take part in its Team in Training fundraising runs. Developing

The Top 50 Mailers

When Target Marketing published last September our first Top 50 listing of direct mail users by estimated volume, we wondered what the file might look like a year later. Would media budgets and circulation plans have changed so greatly that they had a significant effect on who made the Top 50 in 2007? The numbers are in and the answer is “Yes!”


The full list of 2007’s Top 50 Mailers (excludes catalogers) Company Sales/Revenue Industry List Manager(s) (in millions) Citigroup $146,558 Financial Does not rent Bank of America $117,017 Financial Does not rent JP Morgan Chase $99,845 Financial Does not rent 4 Sprint/Nextel $41,028 Telecommunications Does not rent American Express $27,136 Financial/Media Millard Group Washington Mutual $26,454 Financial Does not rent Capital One $15,191 Financial Does not rent Time Inc. $5,846 Media Millard Group/ Belardi-Ostroy Inc. 4 Pitney Bowes Co. $5,730 Business Services MeritDirect Salvation Army $5,300 Nonprofit Does not rent 4 Discover Card Services Inc. $5,000 Financial Does not rent Hearst Magazines $4,550 Media Direct Media International American Red Cross $3,919 Nonprofit The Carol Enters List Co./ American List Counsel The New York Times Company $3,289.9 Media American List Counsel BMG/Columbia House $2,400 Media Specialists Marketing Services/American List Counsel Reader’s Digest Association $2,386.2* Media American List Counsel/ The Catamount Group 4 Scholastic Inc. $2,283.8 Media Specialists Marketing Services/ Millard Group/List Services Corp. Dow Jones & Company $1,783.9 Media American List Counsel Meredith Corp. $1,600 Media American List Counsel/ Millard Group Company Sales/Revenue Industry List Manager(s) (in millions) Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Society $1,623 Nonprofit Direct Media International Conde Nast Publications $1,400 Media Millard