Pecking “The Da Vinci Code” to Death


Pecking "The Da Vinci Code" to Death

Movie critics operate above their pay grade May 23, 2006: Vol. 2, Issue No. 40 IN THE NEWS Has The Da Vinci Code had any good reviews? Stodgy, grim, ponderous. Dreary, droning, dull-witted. Hammy, stilted, solemn, talky, wooden, bloated, plodding, deathly dull, dreary. Or did I do "dreary" already? Forget the Christian right—it's that shadowy global organisation, the Critical Establishment, that has lifted its cassock and dumped unceremoniously on Ron Howard's adaptation of The Da Vinci Code. — Jonathan Gibbs, The Guardian (UK), May 19, 2006 At a direct marketing conference in Orlando I was having lunch with my Norwegian clients and

Site Design Less is More

Cut your instructional copy in half. Having too many words on a Web page is retail suicide. It's 2005; people don't need a dissertation explaining the intricacies of your registration process. Providing instructions on how to operate basic navigation tools or redundant copy describing your rationale for organizing category listings in a particular manner diverts the attention of consumers who are shopping online because they are busy and seeking quick gratification. —excerpt based on research by Optimost, a NY-based technology & services company specializing in online multivariable testing,