Note: Denny Hatch personally replies to all correspondence. A reader responds to “Women Take Over at Last!” published June 6, 2006, which looked at Katie Couric’s appointment as sole anchor of the “CBS Evening News.” “Couric, with her street smarts, compassion and courage, is poised to change the face of network news and reignite the flame of Murrow’s torch, making it burn brighter than ever.” You must be kidding! Murrow made it his business to learn, study, question & directly experience world events … and he had hundreds of private world wide sources to find out what was going on. Today’s TV “news” organizations are known for

Ciena Corp.’s Joe Cumello on Integrated Marketing

Telecom equipment provider and network specialist Ciena Corp. wanted to expand its footprint into segments such as broadband and the triple play of voice, video and data line. To do so, it had to effectively reach the top decision makers in the industries it serves. In the process of meeting this challenge, it shifted its focus from sales force-oriented customer acquisition efforts to a more integrated approach to marketing. Target Marketing spoke with Joe Cumello, Ciena’s director of marketing, about the recent success of its voice/video/data campaign aimed at C-level executives in the telecommunications industry. Target Marketing: What objectives did you set for your voice/video/data

Improve Your Site Penetration

B-to-B marketers always are looking to grow their site penetration—that is, the number of individuals at a current customer site who purchase from them. To grab a greater share of a customer’s business, consider mailing non-buying prospects at buying sites, suggests Mary Ann Kleinfelter, marketing director at Carus Publishing. Kleinfelter is a well-known direct marketing expert with experience in both business-to-consumer and business-to-business marketing, and has worked for such firms as Sylvan Learning Center, Bedford Fair Apparel, Delta Education, PaperDirect and Daytimers. According to Kleinfelter, these prospects can be identified by running inquiries, leads and rented lists against your housefile. If the company name of

Use a Light Touch on Abandoned Cart Reminders

Abandoned online shopping carts that contain one or more items a visitor might have intended to purchase—or at least further research—represent a significant sales opportunity for direct marketers. But converting these visitors from browsers to buyers is not a slam-dunk, particularly if you make some false assumptions in your follow-up contact. According to Al DiGuido, president and CEO of e-mail marketing firm Epsilon Interactive, and Petra Schindler-Carter, customer experience director at Amazon Services, direct marketers should use a gentle, service-oriented copy approach when sending these abandoned cart reminders. DiGuido and Schindler-Carter shared their insights on effective e-mail marketing strategies at the ACCM 06 exhibition in

Using the Four Ps to Market Publishing Products to Hispanics

They may be immigrants, they may prefer to be addressed in Spanish, and they may not be assimilated or acculturated, but many first-generation U.S. Hispanics live and buy in this country and in Puerto Rico. And they present a big opportunity for those publishers willing to learn how to successfully serve this consumer group with product and marketing pitches that meet their preferences. To illustrate, let me share some insights on how to apply the four traditional Ps of effective marketing to your direct marketing efforts targeting U.S. Hispanics. Product. If you have a successful English-language product, don’t assume you need to customize it for the