A New Airline’s Quirky Search for Customers


A New Airline's Quirky Search for Customers

Is Eos a Viable Business Model? April 4, 2006: Vol. 2, Issue No. 26 IN THE NEWS Eos offers first-timers reduced fares, money-back guarantee Eos, the new airline offering premium-only service between London (Stansted) and New York (Kennedy), is offering reduced fares and a money-back guarantee to certain British Airways and Virgin Atlantic business travelers willing to try Eos for the first time. —Travel Weekly Daily Bulletin, March 29, 2006 IKEA billionaire founder proud to be frugal Kamprad always flies economy, drives 15-year-old car GENEVA—IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad, ranked 4th richest man in the world, drives a 15-year-old car and always flies economy


Having a great product and great customer service are the foundation for customer retention. And positive word of mouth is by far the best marketing tool in your arsenal. But you can't control when that happens, so you need a marketing plan to keep the customers you want. Don't just hope your customers love you—be proactive. Put your plan in writing and make it stick. Follow through and take action. Use direct mail, e-mail, newsletters and other marketing tools to make your best customers feel special.   Treat your best customers with respect and they'll reward you with loyalty beyond your wildest dreams. Send

Famous Last Words: A Direct Marketing Horror Story

Many years ago, Meredith Book Clubs, headquartered on Long Island, N.Y., lost $250,000—a considerable sum in 1968. I was hired to fix the problem. The offer was neat—seven mini-cookbooks as a free gift with (as I recall) a four-book commitment and bonus books, just like Book-of-the-Month or Literary Guild. However, I was stunned to learn many brand new members were canceling before they even received the premiums. It was truly mystifying. The first thing a new member should have received was the welcome package containing the seven free books; a warm, welcome letter that resold the benefits of the club; and precise instructions on how the negative

Home-shopping Home Runs

Home shopping is a merchandising phenomenon unlike anything we’ve ever experienced in modern civilization. It’s a 24-hours-a-day shopping mall without a parking problem, without a dress code, and without kids or husbands slowing down the driving force behind this $10 billion product pipeline. Yes, I said no husbands. Because, truth be told, it’s the female of our species who has made home shopping the miracle of modern merchandising. So, if your target market is females over the age of 40, get ready to turn home shopping into a home-run derby for every product in your line. A Loyal Fan

Market Focus: Amateur Woodworkers

Nailing Down a Niche Thinking small can generate big results. At least, that’s what some marketers are finding when it comes to the woodworking hobbyist market in the United States. A survey conducted by National Family Opinion on behalf of Wood magazine found that approximately 5.5 million Americans actively participate in woodworking as a hobby, says Mark Hagen, the magazine’s publisher. That’s a relatively minute segment of the population but, in the case of woodworkers, it’s not the market size that counts—it’s the demographics. The typical amateur woodworker is male, 50 to 55 years old, educated, married and a homeowner, says Lawanna

Multicultural Special Report: Q&A with Kang & Lee’s Saul Gitlin

If you’re actively targeting Asian-Americans, you need to be able to attract and service them online. This market indexes higher than the general population in weekly Internet usage. To get a better perspective on how best to communicate with Asian-Americans via the Web, Target Marketing spoke with Saul Gitlin, executive vice president of strategic services and new business at Kang & Lee Advertising, a multicultural marketing consulting and communications agency that specializes in reaching Asian-American markets. Target Marketing: How actively do Asian-Americans use the Internet? Saul Gitlin: There have been many studies that have looked at Asian-American use of technology and the Internet. All these

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Consumer Disney Movie Club Enhanced Masterfile This file is comprised of 443,402 12-month buyers of Disney movies via the Disney Movie Club. These families with children receive three free videos or DVDs and agree to purchase four more in the following two years. Enhanced selects include children’s age range, age of adult, grandparents, avid book readers, cat/dog owners, and more. The base list price is $95/M. Call your list broker or True North List Co., (203) 459-4348 or visit www.truenorthlist.com. About Kid Crafters & Kid’s Crafts Reach 891,612 individuals who have indicated via a survey that they purchase child-safe and/or child-focused crafting products, materials and