Look Before You Leap
June 1, 2009

When then presidential candidate Barack Obama used text messaging to announce his selection of a running mate, the event signaled a coming of age for mobile, particularly short message service (SMS), as a direct marketing channel. That the content of the SMS announcement—Joe Biden of Delaware was Obama’s choice—was trumped by leaks to the traditional media made the method of delivery no less significant. The campaign successfully used a promotion to build an opt-in mobile database of more than 3 million supporters with whom to communicate and motivate for the longer haul.

15 Minutes Ahead: Beyond Search 1.0
May 1, 2009

A host of emerging trends are driving the evolution of search. Advances in semantic technologies, increasing access to broadband, shifting digital consumption patterns and the emerging ubiquity of mobile are several critical forces. But the biggest change to the current search climate just may be about what you’re searching for. The first era of search was mostly about finding stuff — whether it was information, products, services or instructions.

Part II: Psychology of the Mailer
March 1, 2009

In part one, published in February, we talked about why now is the best time to releverage the power of psychology within the mail piece. With many best offers already out there and lists cleaner than ever, the creative-20 percent of the deal (within the notion 40 percent offer/40 percent list/20 percent creative)-should be tweaked or overhauled to reflect the current environment. Today, that means a mass of prospects more uncertain, skeptical and reluctant to respond than in decades.

Do You Speak Bloglish?
January 14, 2009

Do you understand the “language” that consumers use when passionately discussing products or services in your category? What are the hot topics (meaning pleasure or pain) in these conversations? Who are the influencers, and who are the participants? Where are these conversations taking place? Are your competitors participating?

It’s Time to Get Strategic About Social Media
November 1, 2008

Some of us are old enough to remember how database marketing was going to change the way we built, delivered and measured our marketing stories. And it seems like only moments ago that CRM and its kid brother, one-to-one marketing, were going to shift all known paradigms right out from underneath us.

Taking Search Personally (and Socially)
September 1, 2008

No doubt, online search has firmly established itself as the No. 1 thing that consumes the majority of our time on the Internet. No. 2 is e-mail, and evidence suggests that in the Top 10 (but with a bullet) is the time many of us spend on social media and social networks.

Results of a Different Kind
August 1, 2008

If you've been thinking about your company's carbon footprint, you're just a step away from a bigger idea that's taking shape in business culture today. It's called ethical marketing, and it was the focus of a keynote speech by David Sable, vice chairman and COO of Wunderman, at the DM Days New York Conference & Expo two months ago. His presentation was titled, "Fashion Statement or Fad du Jour: The Possibilities and Pitfalls of Ethical Marketing," but believe me, Sable was quite clear on the fact that companies must be more honorable in the way they interact with customers and conduct business if they want to remain relevant.

Did You Say Mobile Marketing?
July 15, 2008

A good percentage of articles that we read on mobile marketing in the U.S. focus almost entirely on why it's different here (read: more difficult). Whereas in the rest of the world mobile marketing is sexy ... hot ... the place to be, here the debate quickly descends into the chaos of carriers and operating…

It's Not Easy Being Green … or Is It?
July 15, 2008

As you can see, we've devoted this month's cover story to Conservation International, a nonprofit organization that has turned to viral, digital and community marketing to spread its message about the importance of conservation worldwide.

The New Landing Page
May 1, 2008

A few years ago, many of us in the interactive marketing field were predicting the “death of the homepage” or “Google is the new homepage.” About that time, some of us started touting widgets as the next big thing without really knowing why. It sounded right, and many of us were hungry for the next big thing.