Don’t Do It Just Because You Can
March 12, 2015

Don't do it just because you can. No kidding. … Any geek with moderate coding skills or any overzealous marketer with access to some data can do real damage to real human beings without any superpowers to speak of. Largely, we wouldn't go so far as calling them permanent damages, but I must say that some marketing messages and practices are really annoying and invasive. Enough to classify them as "junk mail" or "spam." Yeah, I said that, knowing full-well that those words are forbidden in the industry in which I built my career.

Can You Make Technology Part of the Marketing Team?
December 1, 2014

While making an emotional connection with customers is becoming more important, most of the experts we interviewed for this article saw technology as part of the solution, not the problem. The trick is not just to have technology that works for you, but to be able to use technology as an extension of your marketing department. Can you make technology part of the marketing team?

Denny's Daily Zinger: Fee Seas!
July 9, 2014

Travel today means perpetually sailing on rough seas: Roads are in gross disrepair—potholed, pitted, cracked—and bad for human backs and automobile undersides. A recent Federal National Bridge Inventory determined 65,605 bridges were classified as "structurally deficient" and 20,808 as "fracture critical." Of those, 7,795 were both—a combination of red flags that experts say indicate significant disrepair and similar risk of collapse

There's GOLD in that Mailbox - and in that Pencil Box, Too
July 7, 2014

I'm now amid judging the 2014 Direct Marketing Association International ECHO Awards—which is always a pleasure. In just a few days of judging each year, I get to see what agencies and clients the world over put forward as their best in data-driven direct marketing, encompassing all channels. For direct mail, there is always one campaign that gets honored with the U.S. Postal Service-sponsored Gold Mailbox Award, which recognizes the most innovative use of the medium

Pros and Cons of Email Acquisition Tactics (2013 All About eMail Virtual Conference session)
November 14, 2013

Click above/below to view this webinar, originally offered as a session at the 2013 All About eMail Virtual Conference & Expo.

Acquisition email may be the "dirty word" of the industry, but everyone is doing it. In fact, email acquisition is a far higher priority for many businesses today than than social media, mobile marketing, or many other new technologies in the digital space. However, there are are some good ways to do email acquisition, and some bad.  

In this session, real marketers will talk about the pros and cons of the email acquisition tactics they use, such as email lists; collecting email addresses at point of sale (such as via receipts, asking consumers to join a loyalty program, or event sign up sheets); via pop-up windows or opt-in boxes online; or via social media conversion.

Click here to view this webinar.

Target Marketing Group Honored With 2013 Silver Apple Award
September 5, 2013

We are very pleased to share that the Direct Marketing Club of New York has chosen the Target Marketing Group for this year's corporate Silver Apple Award! We are delighted to be receiving such an honor alongside this year's impressive lineup of individual honorees (including a Golden Apple!).

What Is 'Traditional' Direct Marketing, Anyway?
August 6, 2013

During the past decade, email marketing's come to be called "traditional" and direct mail positively ancient by "digital" marketers who view social media marketing as the new yenta in the shtetl. SMM can fix companies up with consumers, they say. While they're right, the old-school tactics still work and, I would argue, inform the successful aspects of the new. For instance, mobile marketers didn't invent the call to action

The Psychology of Sales: 6 Facts Every Brand Should Know
May 21, 2013

Discount retailers, such as Target, Macy’s and J.C. Penney, have tried various pricing strategies over the years to lure customers to buy more of their products. The primary tool in the competitive arsenal is to offer the best value because they know that customers are motivated to seek out price savings and great deals on frequently purchased products. Seems simple right? Just offer low prices and people will come. That is not necessarily the case, though. Feelings affect our shopping decisions. An economist would say that customers are rational beings who try to get the most value