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Our E-mail Addiction - 2
September 25, 2008

Kim Zinda's five ways to use e-mail marketing are:

* Provide subscription visibility.
* Employ e-mail onboarding programs.
* Use promotional activities to acquire new e-mail names.
* Append e-mail names to an existing database.
* Fine-tune your data.

I have no quarrel with anything Zinda says in her 937-word piece and have provided a hyperlink below FYI. Zinda's dealing with the technical aspects of e-mail marketing.

But once the electronics are in place--the right audience and the ability to reach them--what do you say and how best to say it?

I just ran across a Forrester Research report from July 2008 that predicts the volume of e-mail marketing will hit a high point of 838 billion messages by 2013.

Yes, the cost of e-mail is low. But with this huge blitz of traffic, the message must be compelling and relevant--from the subject line in the inbox to the landing page and the follow-up.

Always remember that, at any point along the way, the effort is a mouse click away from oblivion--whereupon ROI is nonexistent and your time spent is wasted.

Why Marketing Databases Fail
July 1, 2001

By Lisa Yorgey The die is cast before the first query runs. "A marketing database is only a tool. As such, it's not a panacea," points out Bernice Grossman, president of DMRS Group, a New York-based database marketing consulting firm. No matter how much money is invested or how many hours it takes to build, a database is only good if it is used. A database needs to be efficient for what you need it to do. Because different users have different needs and requirements, "you have to build it with an eye for how it will be used," explains Cyndi Greenglass, president of