Working Assets

Five Ways to Upgrade Your Direct Mail Offer
March 14, 2007

With March Madness beginning, it rapidly becomes clear that one win is nice, but it doesn’t ensure that your team will last through the first weekend. The “One and Done” scenario is similar in the direct mail arena, where one-year subscriptions and one-product-only purchases are certainly useful but don’t build success in the long run. Rather, you want to increase overall sales and orders; a.k.a., get more wins. To do that—and thus get more return per package—consider the following five ways to upgrade your current offer. To help craft this winning formula, Target Marketing leaned on two reputable “coaches” in the field: Alan

Shared Vision
June 1, 2003

By Paul Barbagallo Like any successful marriage, even one with cyclical doses of quarreling and reconciling, a sound mailer-list broker partnership is founded on trust. Fostering a relationship of open data exchange and healthy communication is the key to realizing the potential of this mailer-broker union, list gurus attest. "We view our vendors as partners in our business," shares Bill Buchler, vice president of marketing for home maintenance catalog HSN Improvements. "A strong partnership allows for trust, and because of that partnership, I trust [my list broker] with my data. If you're in a situation where you don't have that level of trust, then

Nuts 'n Bolts 5-Min. Interview with Alex Geidt, Working Assets
January 1, 2003

Target Marketing spent a few minutes on the phone with Alex Geidt, marketing director, Working Assets, the long distance provider that donates 1 percent of customers' monthly charges to non-profit organizations. We were curious as to how the company, known for its support of progressive political causes, was enduring tough economic times and, for it, an adverse political climate. —Brian Howard Target Marketing: From a direct marketing standpoint, how is Working Assets enduring these tough economic times? Geidt: It's continuing the path that we have been on, being smarter with our data and our segmentation, as well as continuous testing. [We're] using