Universal Mailing Service

What If the USPS Disappears?
March 1, 2014

Once, there was a Constitution-ordained, universal delivery service of hard-copy, print communications called the United States Postal Service. It was affordable, reliable and the most efficient of its kind in the world. Direct mail was its bread and butter, and many brands that sought to find and keep customers in a very targeted manner used the service avidly.

Video Engages Consumers at Every Stage of the Shopping Process
September 24, 2013

You don't have to look any further than the social networks you use every day to see that video is hot, hot, hot among consumers. Instagram has recently added video to its image-sharing social network, letting users create and view videos, and Twitter began allowing its members to post Vine videos to their feeds. It's logical that consumers will also look to their favorite retail brands to feed their desire for online video. The key to getting shoppers to notice your online videos is to get as much mileage out of them as possible. That means thinking beyond product pages

Salesforce.com’s Acquisition: Why ExactTarget?
June 6, 2013

Contrary to what many industry insiders have said, Salesforce.com did not purchase ExactTarget just to get into the marketing automation platform (MAP) market. If Salesforce.com had sought simply to enter the MAP market, it would not have waited for Pardot to be acquired by ExactTarget. Remember ExactTarget purchased Pardot last October for $95.5 million; Salesforce.com had plenty of opportunity to acquire Pardot directly for much less than the $2.5 billion it paid for ExactTarget. What does ExactTarget bring to the table, then? A B-to-C entry point. ExactTarget holds a significant roster of b-to-c customers, ranging from Expedia and Universal Music

Google: Marketing Is More Than AdWords and SEO
May 7, 2013

I’ve been working in digital marketing for over a dozen years. Sometimes, though, when talking to others in digital marketing you would think that traditional marketing channels, such as print, billboards, radio, TV, direct mail, etc., are now worthless. Some say they don’t produce immediate leads or sales and the ROI from multi-channel marketing is difficult to measure. However, just because it’s not as easy to attribute sales to these traditional channels doesn’t mean they are useless.  ... And for years Google has been proving by example that it believes in traditional marketing channels

Marketo Files for $75M IPO to Grow SaaS Marketing Platform
April 5, 2013

Marketo, a marketing software platform, has announced its plans to file a $75 million IPO to further expand and build out its marketing software platform. Marketo will trade under “MKTO” on the Nasdaq exchange. Goldman, Sachs & Co. and Credit Suisse are listed as leading the offering. Marketo has raised $108 million. In November 2011, the company raised $50 million in a round led by Battery Ventures. In its SEC filing, Marketo states it generated revenue of $14 million in 2010, $32.4 million in 2011 and $58.4 million in 2012. The company had net losses of $11.8 million, $22.6 million

20 Great, Not-So-Great and Sometimes Scary Moments in the History of Big Data
March 22, 2013

1) November 1936: The U.S. government starts issuing Social Security numbers. 2) June 8, 1949: George Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty-Four" is first published. 3) Some time in 1971 (the specific date is lost to history): IBM engineer George Laurer creates the Universal Product Code (UPC). 4) Jan. 23, 1973: Inventor Mario Cardullo is issued a patent for a memory-equipped passive radio transponder device—a precursor of RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology that will allow for everything from E-ZPass tags for electronic toll collection, supply-chain management at retailers like Walmart, and the "Internet of Things," an interconnected world of billions of radio-tagged consumer products.

You Don’t Need to Hire an SEO, You Need to Hire a Journalist
December 11, 2012

Ready to ramp up your online marketing? If your plan is to hire an SEO firm, or find someone with SEO experience to bring in-house, you’re off-point. While SEO should be a considered piece of any website (get your on-site structure down pat, get the keywords right, build some links), what you really need is a journalist or media maven. Believe me. I’ve been in SEO for a number of years and the effectiveness of a pure SEO campaign in the traditional sense is diminishing by the day. The transition to being a publisher

Google Results Are Getting More Local
October 8, 2012

Google released a big list of 65 changes it has made to its algorithms over the course of August and September, and some of those changes are specifically geared towards making Google better for finding local information. Google has been working on improving its local experience for years (though businesses aren’t always happy with the directions the search engine decides to take), and that continues to be the case.

The A-to-Z Guide to Creating Marketable Web Pages
August 9, 2012

Writing content for Web pages is an art and a discipline. Not only do you have to create quality content that fulfills the need of the business and makes a connection with its readers, but you also have to think about how that Web page fits into the bigger picture of your marketing strategy, and how to make the most out of that real estate. When you create Web pages, you essentially have three audiences that must be satisfied: the online visitor, the search engines and the business. It’s not an easy task, which is why great Web pages …