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Extended Coverage: USPS - Will It Disappear?
March 31, 2014

When your editor makes a decision to defend you in the comments section below a feature article, then the article must have hit a nerve! I talked to several mailers, and association leaders who represent them, in a feature this month in the magazine ... as I should: mailers have a lot to say about goings-on at the Postal Service

What If the USPS Disappears?
March 1, 2014

Once, there was a Constitution-ordained, universal delivery service of hard-copy, print communications called the United States Postal Service. It was affordable, reliable and the most efficient of its kind in the world. Direct mail was its bread and butter, and many brands that sought to find and keep customers in a very targeted manner used the service avidly.

Save $ and Gain Efficiency with Full-Service Intelligent Mail - The Whys and Hows for Mailers
February 23, 2010

Intelligent Mail has become a popular option for mailers. Just between mid-December and January 4, the numbers of mailers getting approved for the full-service Intelligent Mail® barcode (IMB) increased by 60 percent. Additionally, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) processed 2 billion IMB efforts just between December and January!

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You'll hear from Tom Day, the USPS authority on Intelligent Mail, and David Henkel, the president of Johnson & Quin - national leader in targeted full-service direct mail printing and production services. They'll discuss how IMB provides greater accuracy and control of business mailings, reduced overall postage costs, data capacity far superior to older systems, free address correction and free start-the-clock scan reports - and how it can affect your business.

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