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Market Focus: Gays and Lesbians
December 1, 2004

A Valuable Consumer Niche Diversity defines today’s social landscape. More than ever we are aware of our neighbors’ multicultural and multifaceted lifestyles. And as marketers, you have a far better understanding of the value of reaching out to niche groups. For more than a decade, gay and lesbian consumers have gained importance as a valuable market, one that boasts brand loyalty and commands impressive buying power. Luckily, direct marketing is one of the best ways to connect with this diverse group, offering both the personalization and privacy that appeal to this niche customer base. The Potential Getting an accurate measure of the size of

Beating the Voucher Might Be a Snap
September 1, 2004

In the past four years, the Who's Mailing What! Archive has received snap-pack formats from exactly six publishers: Kiplinger's, New York, ComputerWorld, InternetWeek, Transform and Crain's New York Business. With the June 2004 mail drop, add LPI Media's Out magazine to this short list. Serving the gay and lesbian market, Out magazine has been testing a 41/4" x 81/4" snap-pack with the traditional white and black color scheme used by many of the first snap-packs ever mailed (202OUTMAG0604). Instead of carbon forms on the inside, however, the components of this more modern effort consist of a "Preferred Subscriber Rate" order form and a