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5 Right Ways to Use Dynamic Data
July 14, 2014

Marketers have always used data points like where customers live, how old they are or whether they like pets and gardening. This is static data. It's captured once and rarely changes. And it works. However, the power of static data is limited. The most predictive data—and traditionally the hardest to capture and organize—is how customers behave. This is dynamic data. It changes every week, day, hour and even minute. Behavioral data is the perfect fit for targeting. It also offers many more pieces to the puzzle than just online behavior.

Whitepaper: 5 Best Practices for Creating Effective Campaign Dashboards
February 15, 2013

Campaign dashboards are powerful because they help you use relevant, current information to understand clearly how marketing campaigns are performing, help guide where to make adjustments and can offer new insights on how to stretch your marketing budget. Get the whitepaper.

Whitepaper: 5 Ways to Become a Segmentation Sniper
January 18, 2013

Stop guessing about whether or not you are targeting the right people, running the right campaigns or selling in the right channels, and start gaining a deeper understanding. Get the whitepaper.