IBM to Acquire Silverpop to Help Marketers Deliver Personalized Customer Engagements
April 11, 2014

IBM announced a definitive agreement to acquire Silverpop, a privately held software company based in Atlanta. Silverpop empowers marketers with cloud-based capabilities that deliver personalized customer engagements in highly scalable environments and will accelerate IBM's leadership in marketing automation. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

IBM Acquires Silverpop, Rounds Out Marketing Cloud
April 11, 2014

IBM on Thursday said it will acquire Silverpop, a company that specializes in cloud marketing software. Silverpop, a privately held company based in Atlanta, competes with the likes of Lithium and Marketo to name a few. IBM is aggressively building out its marketing suite as it tries to land chief marketing officers, which increasingly control more technology buying power.

Silverpop Introduces E-Commerce Solutions
March 7, 2014

Company: Silverpop, a digital marketing software provider
Product/Service: A new set of marketing automation solutions 
What it Does: The new set of solutions is designed to bring advance marketing capabilities to the e-commerce market. The release of industry-specific solutions will help Silverpop customers deliver highly tailored customer experiences, measure engagement and drive revenue in a more efficient way. 


Personalization Strategies to Drive Online Sales
February 24, 2014

In tomorrow's Retail Online Integration webinar, Personalizing the Online Shopping Experience — Thinking Beyond %%FirstName%% (register for free here!), David Pyrzenski, a product consultant for digital marketing technology provider Silverpop, will discuss personalization tactics online retailers can take that will drive more engaging campaigns, more loyal customers and, ultimately, more sales. To give you a sneak peak into some of the topics David will address in tomorrow's webinar, I interviewed him last week. Here's that interview:

How Gmail's Image-Handling Changes Will Affect Email Marketers
December 17, 2013

Gmail recently announced changes to how it will handle images in both desktop and mobile email, and here at Silverpop we've been assessing the potential impact on digital marketers. While there are specific ways these changes will affect email marketing reporting and functionality, no one is certain yet how many users will be affected or whether any workarounds will emerge to minimize the effects. So, don't push the panic button yet. Here's what we know so far about Gmail's changes:

Podcast: Email Experts Battle Over Gmail Tabs
December 10, 2013

There's no question that one of the most talked about topics of 2013 for email marketers was the implementation of a "Promotions" tab within Gmail. The tab is designed to filter out messages containing promotions — e.g., discounts and coupons from brands. In theory, this is a worthwhile upgrade for most Gmail users, but for…

New Spam Traps: Here, There, Everywhere!
December 5, 2013

In a recent blog post, Return Path announced Spamcop has turned on some new spam traps, discussed Spamcop’s decision to implement this change and offered suggestions for getting lifted off of Spamcop’s blacklist. Long story short, Spamcop recently picked up some additional domains and is now reporting those traps. What I want to point out is this isn’t the first time a major blacklist has introduced additional traps. Earlier this year, Spamhaus mentioned an "increased view" into additional traps. This continued effort by ISPs to catch messages being sent to recycled or “fake” email addresses and notify senders of problematic

Opening Keynote: Relevancy in the Age of Promotion Tabs: How Changes to the Email Marketing Landscape Will Affect Email Marketers (2013 All About eMail Virtual Conference session)
November 14, 2013

Click above/below to view this webinar, originally offered as a session at the 2013 All About eMail Virtual Conference & Expo.

If you're a Gmail user, you've surely noticed the new "promotions" tab, which now filters out any messages you get containing promotions such as coupons, discounts, and notifications of sales. While this may seen handy for the average user, email marketers are fearing that their promotions will now be read much less often if they are filtered out of a user's primary inbox tab. So, what should they do about it?

Listen in to this keynote discussion with three email marketing industry leaders as they discuss best practices in the age of the "Gmail tab" along with other deliverability issues, trends and tactics.

Click here to view this webinar.

Silverpop Introduces Revenue Analytics
October 18, 2013

Company: Silverpop, a digital marketing software company
Product/Service: Revenue Analytics, a real-time analytics platform 
What it Does: The platform is designed to help B-to-B marketers combine marketing activity data with customer and sales data from their CRM system, identifying the connections between marketing efforts and closed revenue.