E-commerce Link: Engage Your Readers
October 1, 2006

When you read studies showing average e-mail open and clickthrough rates, do you compare your own results to these statistics with glee or chagrin? In either case, you have the opportunity to improve your results if you put a laser-like focus on your audience members. Give them content and offers they want, and you have a better chance of engaging them. The best e-mail marketing campaigns inject elements designed to stimulate interest and encourage interactivity. In short, they delight and engage readers. And, if your recipients feel this way about your program, they will be with you for the long haul. They’ll be much more

Data Mining in the 21st Century
August 1, 2006

With all the advancements in data mining, why do we keep hearing that direct marketers are experiencing declining results? Direct marketing service companies—specifically, the list industry—are at a turning point: Deliver the performance boosts that clients are demanding by leveraging both the data and data mining tools, beginning with the fundamentals, or someone else will. A Different Mindset While many direct marketers who deploy historical response list marketing tactics are experiencing diminishing performance, those firms leveraging advanced data and data mining tools are meeting with continuous improvement in results. How can marketers get out of the former group and into the latter? First, they and their suppliers