Home Depot Tackles Mobile Gaming to Score Sales
October 1, 2013

Home Depot is making a bid to win over college football fans with a new mobile gaming application that lets consumers challenge their friends and family in games for a chance to win prizes. The home improvement retailer is launching the app as part of its sponsorship for ESPN's College Gameday. In addition to the gaming element, Home Depot's mobile app also links back to the retailer's Web site to let consumers learn how to build their own version of a cornhole game and shop for products.

Rethinking Email Deliverability
April 19, 2013

Last Thursday in Omaha, Nebraska, I spoke at the Intersect Conference on Email Marketing and Conversion. There were a lot business owners in the audience who were doing some form of email marketing. Email marketing is great, but what if all the hard work you've done creating your message goes into a spam folder? 

Can Quality Score Be Gamed?
April 8, 2013

Like most complex games with many intelligent participants (such as financial markets, chess and high-stakes poker), your first hunches about how to "get ahead of the pack" in the Google AdWords auction are likely to be trivial, clichéd or just plain wrong. This year, as ever, you'll read plenty of articles focusing specifically on Quality Score and "what to do about it." Conference sessions will teach you Quality Score "tips and tricks." Since this is about rank and CPCs, admittedly we'll always be driven to crack the code in some way.

FreshAddress Launches Email Scoring and Segmentation Service
February 22, 2013

Company: FreshAddress, an email database services provider
Product/Service: eSpend Score, an email scoring and segmentation service
What it Does: eSpend Score is a number from zero to 100 assigned to a customer at a particular email address. It allows marketers to target top spenders at their active email addresses while nurturing less attentive and/or lower spending customers with special offers. The eSpend Score combines predictive customer purchase attributes with predictive engagement metrics tied to specific email addresses.

How to Create a Solid PPC Testing Hypothesis
January 14, 2013

Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of ad testing is formulating a hypothesis. Some may choose to skip the hypothesis because it is easier to create a few different ad or landing page variations, set them live, play the waiting game and hope for some positive changes. Others, whom I dare call the worst optimizers, are simply afraid of being wrong. What we often fail to remember, though, is that the purpose of a hypothesis is not for you to prove it right through your test, but rather to use

Got a Klout Score Over 60? You Can Get a Piece of Frostbox
January 3, 2013

U.K. startup Frostbox, which aims to be the Dropbox of social media, is offering up pieces of the company to investors — but only those with Klout scores of 60 and above. The program, run via Wahooly, is based on the premise that publicity from such social media mavens should translate into equity in the company. Dana Severson, co-founder and CEO of Wahooly, says the share of equity is based on the amount of social media activity. Severson declined to disclose exactly how much of Frostbox is being offered.

5 Simple Ways to Optimize Display Ad Performance and Drive Conversions
December 2, 2012

Display ads have taken off in recent years, after they had fallen out of favor for quite a while due to inefficiencies in reaching marketers' target markets. The whole display advertising game has changed dramatically, and channels like the Google Display Network (GDN) are raking in profits for those who are able to find and convert their target audiences. There are at least five critical areas that need to be closely monitored and given daily care and attention to develop and maintain a successful GDN strategy.

The Evolution of Deliverability
November 1, 2012

Email deliverability has evolved considerably during the past decade. It started out as a niche discipline based on personal relationships and brand recognition, then underwent a seismic shift as several factors made it a necessity for everyone who sends email of any significant volume. The advent of deliverability technology saw the next major change in the market and allowed senders to have an idea of where they stood—i.e., "Am I being called a spammer?"—from an Internet Service Provider (ISP) perspective. That brings us to today and the future: Deliverability is a one-to-one science based on individual consumer choice.

Building Social Media ROI Through Influencers
November 1, 2012

Elusive though it may seem, Tricia Tangradi has found the ROI of social media. After she implemented a social media marketing program, the director of marketing and support for HouseMaster, a Bound Brook, N.J.-based home inspection franchise system, saw revenue increase 15 percent above last year's numbers. Plus, franchisees active in social media realized a 36 percent year-over-year (YOY) revenue increase from "mobilizing" HouseMaster's biggest fans.