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Is Your Business Model Obsolescent?
September 27, 2005

Pity traditional newspapers that are stuck in the 18th century Sept. 27. 2005: Vol. 1, No. 34 IN THE NEWS TOKYO--Sony Corp. Chief Executive Howard Stringer on Thursday called on the ailing electronics and entertainment giant to "be like the Russians defending Moscow against Napoleon" as he unveiled a broad restructuring plan. -- Alex Pham, Bruce Wallace and Julie Tamaki "Sony's Restructuring Plan Brings Praise, Skepticism" Los Angeles Times, Sept. 23, 2005 sweeping organizational changes announced by Microsoft Corp. earlier this week mean more than just executive changes and renaming and consolidating divisions. It

The Data Challenge
October 1, 2004

How custom segmentation helps The San Diego Union-Tribune find new subscribers Like at all major newspapers, it has become harder and more costly for The San Diego Union-Tribune—the second-largest newspaper in Southern California—to find new subscribers. To develop marketing and sales plans to approach consumers differently based on their lifestyle and circulation habits, the marketing and circulation team at the Union-Tribune determined it needed to develop a custom segmentation system. Two recent business changes helped propel the marketing and circulation team’s challenges. The first change was internal: The Union-Tribune recently started to promote four-day and Sunday-only subscriptions; previously only seven-day subscriptions had been pitched