Navigating the Marketing 'Stack'
May 1, 2015

Marketing technology has evolved in multiple ways, originating in spreadsheets, databases, contact management tools, graphic design software and word processing. The Internet accelerated the process, turning an evolution into a revolution. And the result was a jumble of tools and systems, each seemingly dedicated to solving a section or two of the marketing process. Some of these tools are known in the tech world as “point solutions” and focus on a single activity or segment of what marketers do. Email, for example, or lead scoring. Others attempt to automate large swaths of the process.

Then and Now
March 1, 2014

B-to-B marketing is fundamentally different today than it was in years past, such as when I entered the field in 1979. Let me contrast then and now to show you the major differences and how it affects your work.

B-to-B Buyers Prefer Short Content and Google
November 20, 2013

Almost three quarters (72 percent) of buyers planning to purchase a business product begin their research with a Google search, according to a recent report by Pardot. After an initial search, 70 percent of buyers then return online 2 to 3 times to do additional research, and 12 percent return online more than three times. Just under one in five (18 percent) do all of their online research in a single sitting. Besides Google, B-to-B buyers also use personal networks (15.5 percent), Yahoo (5.5 percent), Bing (2.7 percent), and LinkedIn (2.5 percent) as starting points for their research

September 1, 2013

Up until the dawn of the Internet, I thought I knew pretty much all there was to know about B-to-B marketing communications. Since the Web's advent, new B-to-B marketing methods have proliferated, some of which I know almost nothing about. Marketing automation is at the top of the list. I knew it was a hot trend, had some vague notion of what it entailed, but my understanding was foggy at best.

The Great Data Divide
September 1, 2013

"In 1960, there were five marketing channels; in 2013, there are 60-plus marketing channels." This is an interesting statement I recently took away from attending the Pardot B2B Inspiration Tour. Sixty-plus?! No wonder integrating online and offline data has become such a pressing need and an increasing challenge for almost all marketing organizations.

3rd Pick in the 2013 Marketing Cloud Acquisition Draft Is …
July 24, 2013

Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Gosh, it is almost getting boring around here waiting to see where the next selection will go. Salesforce grabbing up ExactTarget with the first selection was the first big surprise. Not so much the ExactTarget side, because there had been rumors for some time that ET was on the market.’s Acquisition: Why ExactTarget?
June 6, 2013

Contrary to what many industry insiders have said, did not purchase ExactTarget just to get into the marketing automation platform (MAP) market. If had sought simply to enter the MAP market, it would not have waited for Pardot to be acquired by ExactTarget. Remember ExactTarget purchased Pardot last October for $95.5 million; had plenty of opportunity to acquire Pardot directly for much less than the $2.5 billion it paid for ExactTarget. What does ExactTarget bring to the table, then? A B-to-C entry point. ExactTarget holds a significant roster of b-to-c customers, ranging from Expedia and Universal Music

Free Webinar: Set-and-Forget Marketing
March 18, 2013

You've realized the benefits of lead nurturing, but haven't figured out a simple way to leverage your resources and get started. Are there best practices for simplifying lead nurturing? Yes! Join Gleanster Principal Analyst, Ian Michiels, and Pardot Marketing Automation Evangelist, Mathew Sweezey, on March 19 at 1:00 p.m. (EST) for a closer look at how top-performing organizations use lead nurturing to outperform peers and competitors.

The Four T's of Effective Email
January 18, 2013

There's no denying the importance of effective email campaigns for marketers. Understanding the basic elements of a successful campaign can lead to more opens, clicks, and sales. Are you meeting and exceeding your goals for email? By focusing on the Four T's, you'll be getting the optimum results from your campaign. With our free e-book on email campaigns, you'll learn to follow the simple steps of: tailoring, testing, timing, and tracking.

SEO Simplified – Implementing SEO with Confidence
January 18, 2013

SEO is an important component of any integrated online marketing strategy. A well-optimized site increases qualified visitors to your site and drives brand and product awareness. But, like any online marketing effort, it takes a cohesive, strategic approach. Join us for a 1/2 hour in-depth look into the world of SEO and how you can establish your own SEO plan. Register now for the upcoming webinar on Thursday, January 24, 2013, at 2:00 PM EST.