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Direct Mail Marketing Secrets From the Big Boys
March 29, 2012

Yes, I publish posts as "The Direct Mail Man," so it's hard not to be biased about direct mail marketing. At the risk of boring you, I usually try to avoid publishing posts that gush on about the value of direct mail marketing. However, when Forbes magazine publishes an article highlighting the value of direct mail marketing, and an international automotive giant like Nissan identifies direct mail marketing as essential to its marketing strategy, it's nearly impossible for me to keep quiet. Hmmm, is it possible that large companies like Nissan and Google (Yes, even Google uses direct mail …

Preventing Breakups
September 1, 2009

Why? Everyone who’s ever been dumped wants the answer. Many never know the reason. But companies that use dashboards as a retention tool are not only finding out why; they’re figuring out when their beloved customers are showing signs of leaving so they can take the necessary steps to successfully woo them once again.