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The Current State of PPC Keyword Match Types
June 27, 2012

In my column on the Google ad rotation change last month, I expressed my strong concerns about the latest changes to ad rotation (as did many other paid search advertisers and bloggers) and was very pleased that Google’s vice president of product management, Nick Fox, announced that Google had reconsidered their actions on ad rotation behavior. First, they expanded the even rotation period from 30 to 90 days, which seems like a more reasonable time period even for low data ad groups. Second, they made the auto-optimize ad rotation an optional setting—but only if you specifically request it.

Why Spreading the Love in Online Advertising is a Must
June 30, 2011

Google's search network still dominates the pay-per-click (PPC) advertising landscape and there's good reason for it. This channel continues to provide a lift for several key performance indicators including brand recall, direct site and post-impression visits, content engagement, and overall sales. However, there are many other options that should be explored and leveraged based on the goals of a given campaign.

First Up: New Premiums
February 28, 2008

We scoured the Who’s Mailing What! Archive to find out what kinds of premiums marketers have been testing. In the fourth quarter and into October 2007, the mail is marked by a dose of healthy premiums, coffee premiums and virtual giveaways. Healthy Premiums It’s always a strength when a premium relates back to its offer and the new healthy premiums—including a yoga mat, safety strobe light and digital thermometer—exemplify this connection. In September, Resurrection Health Care, a Catholic health care system in Chicago, sent out a 6˝ x 9˝ postcard announcing women’s health events and featuring a free yoga mat as a mail-to-web

Microsoft Unveils Next-Generation Digital Advertising Technologies
February 7, 2008

Microsoft has unveiled a series of next-generation digital advertising technologies, including speech recognition for contextual video ads and marketing intelligence that enable enhanced audience insight and better targeting capabilities for advertisers. The announcements were made at Microsoft's fourth annual Demo Fest, an event that showcases some of the leading-edge technologies in development by Microsoft adCenter Labs, which offers advertising and data mining technologies.