Mason & Geller Direct Marketing

Creative Corner: Lose the Attitude
December 1, 2006

I loved my dad dearly, especially for his remarkable aptitude for being wrong about just about everything. He was actually right about everything, but something in his complicated psyche made him say the exact opposite. My dad used to tell me, “You have to be tough to survive in this dog-eat-dog business world. Nice guys finish last.” Once I learned that his advice was 180 degrees from what he really meant, I knew he was telling me that it pays to be nice when you can. What Does “Nice” Have to do With Direct Marketing? I was thinking about this question yesterday when I came

Creative Corner: Build Your Ark
June 1, 2006

A couple of months ago, two engineers dropped by our office to talk about a lead generation program for their consultancy business. “Things are slow,” said one of them, “and we might have to lay off some of our staff.” So we asked questions and learned about how they made their money, got an idea of their budget and then we went to work developing a program. I called them a week or so later to set up our next meeting and they asked if we could postpone for a while because they were up to their elbows in a new project that had just

Spin a Yarn
February 1, 2006

Our Relationship Begins When You Tell Me a Story! This past November, I flew to New York City for the Silver Apple Award ceremony. My friend Murray Miller of American Express was among the individuals being honored, and my friends at Boardroom/Bottom Line received the Corporate Apple Award. After each award, the honoree said a few words, well actually a lot of words, which is OK with me. It struck me, as it does every year at the Apples, that long-time direct marketers all seem to be great storytellers. I think that’s one reason the ceremony always is packed. We like hearing their tales